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How Does Technology Help Manage Used Cooking Oil?

How Does Technology Help Manage Used Cooking Oil

Technology streamlines a wide range of everyday restaurant processes, including the management of used cooking oil. Automation makes cooking oil disposal quicker, more convenient, and safer for kitchen employees. Here are five advantages of employing technology in used cooking oil management.

1. Streamlines Cooking Oil Collection

Automation has replaced the hassle of manually unloading a bucket of hot oil into a disposal bin. Technology introduces exceptional ease and convenience: today’s cooking oil recycling containers are built with varying levels of automation, making the once-perilous task automatic.

For instance, used cooking oil recycling containers are available as fully automated and feature a direct connection from the fryer to the collection tank. With one flip of a switch, commercial kitchen staff enjoy the advantages of automatic transfer capabilities.

Other used cooking oil recycling containers are designed to be semi-automatic. Kitchen employees utilize a caddy to transfer hot oils and grease from the fryer into a container. Whether restaurant managers opt for a fully or semi-automated system, they retain most of their kitchen storage space.

Technology’s benefits go even further. Training and instructions on the use of the automated cooking oil recycling container are available to all kitchen staff via an included QR code. The code provides instant access to training, instructions, and other relevant tank information.

2. Improves Workplace Safety

Grease is responsible for approximately 30 percent of slip-and-fall accidents in commercial kitchens. Oil is behind a further 40 percent of these workplace accidents. Manually handling used cooking oil has dangerous consequences, not to mention potential OSHA fines for serious violations.

Technology, however, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in the commercial kitchen. The streamlined process of a fully automated system minimizes the likelihood of kitchen staff suffering burns or slipping and falling on spilled grease on the floor.

3. Ensures Timely Cooking Oil Deliveries

Restaurants rely on fresh cooking oil and require a delivery every 4 to 5 weeks, on average. Kitchens that utilize current technologies, like oil management systems, are certain to never encounter situations where they struggle with too little or too much cooking oil.

Oil management systems are connected to the cloud, which means they can accommodate delays and accelerations in the oil delivery schedule. The technology communicates accurate oil volume data to the cooking oil delivery team so that the restaurant always has an ideal quantity of fresh oil on hand.

Commercial kitchens have different ways of receiving cooking oil. Some prefer that new oil be delivered in jugs, which requires staff and storage; others choose cost-saving bulk deliveries of fryer oil directly into an oil storage tank through an external port, which does not need extra employees or storage space.

In either case, a tank that features advanced technologies is a major advantage for busy restaurant managers. Cooking oil tanks built with automatic volume sensors give managers the ability to remotely monitor deliveries and current oil levels. This level of convenience is highly valued.

4. Prevents Grease Theft

Grease theft is an ongoing problem in the restaurant industry. Millions of dollars are lost each year when valuable used cooking oil is stolen off the premises of commercial kitchens. Restaurants can minimize grease theft or even stop it completely by introducing technology into their business.

Anti-theft technology secures receptacles holding the yellow grease. Once the used cooking oil is in the collection container, only the authorized service vehicles and technicians can access it. Specific connections built into the equipment deter grease thieves and unauthorized individuals.

5. Recycles Used Cooking Oil

Collections of used cooking oil are picked up and turned into renewable fuel with the help of technology. The used oil is filtered and processed in refineries, then turned into renewable products such as sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. Renewable fuel powers fleets in many industries and helps organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling from Mahoney Environmental

Technology, often with the press of a lever or the flip of a switch, saves commercial kitchens time and money. It adds convenience to everyday operations and enhances workplace safety. Equipment built with the latest technology saves storage space in restaurants with limited square footage.

Companies that provide used cooking oil collection and recycling services employ the most current technologies to give their customers the best services possible. Since technology is constantly improving, the most reliable companies, like Mahoney Environmental, take advantage of all it has to offer.

Partner with Mahoney Environmental to collect and recycle your used cooking oil and help maintain a safe commercial kitchen. Our cooking oil recycling process starts with equipment setup; our technicians collect the oil, transport it, and send it to be turned into a finished product – renewable fuel.

Our cooking oil collection and recycling service keeps your kitchen clean, reduces oil waste, and repurposes the oil. Kitchens that work with us protect their infrastructure (cooking oil in drains can clog and crack the pipes), maintain health and safety, and support renewable energy.

Mahoney Environmental’s used cooking oil disposal process is highly efficient and cost-effective. Services can be scheduled during off-peak hours so that your daily operations remain uninterrupted. Dedicated technicians are also available 24 hours a day to accommodate your business needs.

Technology should be incorporated into every commercial kitchen—and so should Mahoney Environmental’s inclusive services. We provide a wide range of back-of-house services to restaurants around the country, helping them run smoothly. Call us at 800-892-9392 or submit a contact form to learn more.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are proud to serve food establishments across the country including Atlanta, Austin, BaltimoreBaltimoreBostonChicagoClevelandColumbus,  DallasDenver, HoustonIndianapolisKansas CityLos Angeles, Louisville, MiamiNashvilleNew York, Oklahoma City, OrlandoPhiladelphiaPhoenix, RaleighSan DiegoSan Antonio,  SeattleTampa, Tucson,  Washington DC and the surrounding areas.


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