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Used Cooking Oil Recycling

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Creating value for our customers

The Mahoney Environmental collection and recycling process improves safety, sanitation, and total cost of frying.

We work hard to recycle your used cooking oil and turn it into renewable resources such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Mahoney works with you to build a recycling program that fits your needs. These programs are good for your customers, your employees, your kitchen, your bottom line – and the environment.

The following are the main cooking oil collection and recycling services offered by Mahoney Environmental:

Used Cooking Oil Collection

When running any type of commercial kitchen, whether in a large restaurant or in the food court of a mall or stadium, you will need to have a system in place to dispose of used cooking oil.  It is important for food establishments to have the proper equipment to handle their used cooking oil safely and to work with a partner that will pick up used cooking oil regularly and on time.  Keeping used cooking oil around for too long can lead to safety issues.

Mahoney Environmental provides used cooking oil collection services to ensure that your cooking oil is collected and disposed of on a regular basis.  We can help set up the equipment and establish a schedule to pick up your used cooking oil and transport it to be recycled.

Commercial Grease Trap Services

Grease traps are important pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens.  They are responsible for removing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from the kitchen safely, but they must be installed and maintained properly to work.  If there is an issue with your grease traps, there could be backups in the drains that allow sewage and noxious odors in your kitchen.

Mahoney Environmental provides maintenance services for indoor and outdoor grease traps in commercial kitchens.  Our technicians will check your grease traps and ensure that they are functioning properly so that the grease and cooking oil is removed from your kitchen safely.

Cooking Oil Equipment Installation and Design

At Mahoney Environmental, our professionals can design and install a system to handle the used cooking oil in your establishment.  We will carefully assess the needs of your business and design a cooking oil system that best suits your specific situation.  Our cooking oil equipment consists of the following:

Automated Systems

Mahoney Environmental can design and install automated systems to handle used cooking oil. These systems help improve the safety and efficiency of your kitchen and greatly reduce waste.  We can also design these systems to be retrofitted into an existing commercial kitchen.  Our automated systems include Direct Connection systems in which used cooking oil is fed directly into the system, indoor systems in which the holding tanks are installed inside the building, and heated outdoor bulk containers in which the holding tanks for used cooking oil are installed outside.

Bulk Containers

Our bulk containers are durable, leak-proof holding tanks that hold used cooking oil. These tanks have a protective screen under the lids to ensure that only cooking oil enters the tank as it is poured in.  The safety barriers built into these tanks keep your employees safe from the hot oil.  Used cooking oil must be poured into these tanks manually.

Design and Installation of Cooking Oil Waste Equipment

If you need to upgrade or replace your current cooking oil disposal system, our professionals at Mahoney Environmental can help. We will design and install used cooking oil waste equipment for any commercial kitchen.  We will carefully assess the layout of your kitchen, your operation, and your frying volume to design a cooking oil waste system that meets your needs.  We can install automated systems, standard systems, and custom cooking oil disposal systems if necessary.

Delivery of Fresh Cooking Oil

At Mahoney Environmental, we not only collect your used cooking oil to be recycled, but also deliver fresh cooking oil with scheduled deliveries.

Our Preferred Oil Program covers all of your cooking oil needs from the installation and maintenance of the equipment, to the removal of used cooking oil and the delivery of fresh oil.

We can automate your inventory and provide scheduled deliveries to ensure that your kitchen always has fresh cooking oil.

We can also monitor your oil usage online to help you use your cooking oil more efficiently and ensure that you receive timely deliveries and pick-ups.

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