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Improved Cooking Oil Equipment May Help Foodservice Businesses Affected by Labor Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many different industries as businesses were forced to layoff workers at the beginning of the pandemic.  Since businesses have started to reopen in the spring of 2021, there has been a labor shortage in some industries as fewer people are interested in returning to these jobs.  One of the industries hit the hardest by the pandemic and ensuing labor shortage is the foodservice industry.

Restaurants, bars, fast food franchises, and other businesses in the foodservice industry have had a difficult time finding labor.  Many restaurants are overwhelmed by the staff shortages and are having a hard time keeping up amidst a pandemic that has been particularly hard on this industry.  While a debate can be had over the reasons why this shortage is happening, the reasons don’t change the fact that restaurants and other foodservice establishments are struggling.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are well aware of the difficulties currently facing the foodservice industry.  One of the ways that foodservice establishments can attract and retain employees is by making the job less stressful.  Mahoney Environmental provides cooking oil handling equipment that can make the job of transporting and disposing of cooking oil much easier.  With our automated Direct Connection Recycler System, cooking oil can be moved automatically from storage to the fryers and to used cooking oil storage with the turn of a lever and flip of a switch.

Why Foodservice is Facing a Labor Shortage

Mahoney-Direct-Connection-SystemWhen the COVID-19 pandemic began, many restaurants, bars, and other foodservice establishments were forced to heavily modify or stop their business operations.  As a result, many workers in the industry were laid off.  For some businesses, the impact of the pandemic was too much, and they never reopened.  The foodservice establishments that have reopened since the COVID vaccine has become widely available have had a difficult time finding employees as general interest in working in foodservice has declined.

A big part of the problem is that many of the workers who left the industry at the start of the pandemic have no interest in returning.  Some have found work in other industries while some have been receiving unemployment and continue to do so while they decide what to do next.  Many people have asserted that the increase and extension of unemployment is to blame for the hesitancy of foodservice workers to return to the industry.  While there may be some truth to this, there appears to me more at play.

Former foodservice works have cited low wages, lack of benefits, lack of promotion opportunities, difficult schedules, and less than ideal working environments as reasons for not returning to the industry.  Like with any type of job, workers want to feel like they are fairly compensated and valued employees, and they don’t want to be overworked in a negative environment.  Foodservice businesses can view this as an opportunity to improve their working environment, create promotional opportunities, and consider offering more when it comes to wages and benefits.

These changes will not only help attract new employees, but also help with employee retention.  In this climate, it is very important for foodservice businesses to get and keep their employees to remain competitive.

Direct Connection Recycler System from Mahoney

One of the reasons workers are not returning to the foodservice industry is because these jobs can be demanding and stressful.  Handling cooking oil is one of the most difficult jobs in the kitchen as mishandling the oil can cause dangerous spills and there is a risk of experiencing burns when filtering or emptying oil from the fryers.

We can make the handling of used cooking oil in your kitchen much easier with our Direct Connection Recycler System.  This system creates a closed loop between your fryers and the used cooking oil storage unit so that the fryers can be emptied without touching the oil.  All you have to do is turn a lever and flip a switch and the used cooking oil will be carried through direct connection piping to the storge container.  This system makes the emptying of the fryers much easier and safer by eliminating the risk of spills, injuries, and burns.  Filtering the oil within the fryers is also much easier as this can be done without touching the hot oil.

As the foodservice industry continues to face a labor shortage, it is important for businesses to do what they can to get and retain new employees.  If your kitchen features the Direct Connection Recycler System, this will make the job much easier by virtually eliminating the hardest job in the kitchen.  People will be more likely to work in kitchens where cooking oil disposal is made easy, and it can help with employee retention as they will be more likely to continue working at a kitchen that uses this system.

Cooking Oil Recycling and Equipment from Mahoney Environmental

Foodservice establishment need to find ways to appeal to potential employees to get through this labor shortage and having automated equipment to handle used cooking oil is one way to make the job more attractive.  You can work with our professionals at Mahoney Environmental to design and install cooking oil equipment that works within your kitchen.  We also offer fresh cooking oil deliveries and used cooking oil recycling pickups.

You can call Mahoney Environmental at 800-892-9392 to learn more about our cooking oil handling equipment and our used cooking oil recycling.

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