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Collection and Recycling of Used Cooking Oil in Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Areas

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No commercial kitchen can run efficiently without the proper use, storage, and disposal of cooking oil.  Cooking oil is a very important product in commercial food establishments because it is used in fryers and for general meal preparation.

Commercial kitchens must store and handle the oil properly before and after usage and have a system in place to ensure that the used cooking oil is picked up regularly to be recycled.

By efficiently handling the storage and removal of fresh and used cooking oil, food service establishments can provide a cleaner and safer work environment for their employees and cut down on losses by ensuring that no cooking oil is wasted.

The best way for food service establishments to manage the use and disposal of their cooking oil is to work with a professional that can install and service cooking oil equipment, as well as deliver fresh cooking oil and pick up the used oil.

Mahoney Environmental provides cooking oil services including design and installation services for cooking oil systems, fresh cooking oil delivery, and used cooking oil pickup and recycling for establishments in the Chicago, IL area. Our professionals can help design, install, or update your establishment’s cooking oil system and create a schedule for regular oil deliveries and pickups.

Professional Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Services in Chicago, IL

It is crucial for fresh and used cooking oil to be handled properly to protect your employees and the natural environment. Improper handling or storage of oil can make your kitchen unsafe and increase the risk of injuries to your employees.

If the cooking oil is not filtered properly from the wastewater, it could enter the sewer system where it will cause issues with the system and possibly enter the natural environment.

Our professionals are committed to protecting the environment with effective cooking oil systems and prompt pickup of used oil.  We recycle used cooking oil at our facility so it can be reused for animal feed and the production of biodiesel and fertilizers.

Mahoney Environmental can help food service establishments in the Chicago, IL area with the following cooking oil management services:

Fresh Cooking Oil Delivery – Chicago, IL

Most commercial kitchens go through fresh cooking oil quickly, no matter their size or volume of production.  If a kitchen runs out of fresh cooking oil, it can halt their operations until a fresh batch is delivered.  With fresh cooking oil delivery services from Mahoney Environmental, you will never have to worry about your establishment running out of oil.

Our professionals work with food service establishments throughout the Chicago, IL area to provide them with regularly scheduled cooking oil deliveries. We will establish a delivery schedule with you to deliver premium Preferred Oils before you run out and deposit the oil into your equipment. You can choose from several different blends of cooking oils and we can also create a custom blend for your kitchen.

Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling – Chicago, IL

After cooking oil is used, it must be collected and stored in a proper storage container. Putting used cooking oil in the garbage or washing it down the drain can have detrimental effects on the natural environment.  The used cooking oil also needs to be collected regularly because filling the storage container beyond its capacity can create dangerous conditions in your kitchen.

Mahoney Environmental provides pickup and recycling services for used cooking oil in the Chicago, IL area.  Our professionals will collect your used cooking oil before your storage container fills up and take it to our facility where it will be processed for recycling.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance – Chicago, IL

Grease traps are important components of a cooking oil management system because they filter the grease, oils, and fats from the wastewater.  When wastewater enters the traps, the grease and oils rise to the top and allow the water to drain out the bottom.  When too much of the fats, oils, and grease build up within the traps, they can become clogged and prevent the water from draining.

This can cause water and oils as well as noxious odors to come back into your kitchen.  Our professionals at Mahoney Environmental can clean and maintain grease traps for commercial kitchens in the Chicago, IL area.  We will regularly clean your grease traps to remove the buildup of grease, fats, and oils and maintain the traps to prevent malfunctions.

Cooking Oil Equipment Design and Installation – Chicago, IL

In order to effectively manage the use and disposal of cooking oil, a commercial kitchen must be fitted with equipment to move and store the oil.

These systems include equipment that deposits fresh cooking oil into the fryers as well as equipment that carries the used cooking oil from the fryers to the storage container.

Your kitchen can eliminate waste and reduce the amount of work for your employees to manage the oil, which will help your company’s bottom line.

At Mahoney Environmental, we provide design, installation, and maintenance services for cooking oil management systems in commercial kitchens in the Chicago, IL area.

We can design and install a variety of different cooking oil systems including standard systems, automated systems, and custom designed systems that are health code compliant.

Your system will be designed based on the size and layout of your kitchen and the volume of cooking oil that your establishment uses.

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