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Restaurant Grease Recycling & Grease Trap Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

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Restaurant Grease Recycling & Grease Trap Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Cooking oil is at the center of the operations of a commercial kitchen as it is used in deep fryers and in preparing other types of dishes.  The heavy use of cooking oil means that there is also the issue of dealing with used cooking oil.

Used cooking oil in a commercial kitchen needs to be managed and stored properly because mismanagement of used cooking oil can lead to unsanitary and dangerous conditions in your kitchen.  You can better manage the oil usage and disposal in your kitchen with effective cooking oil equipment and a reliable delivery service that provides delivery and pickup for new and used oil.

At Mahoney Environmental, we provide complete cooking oil management services for food service businesses in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania from our location in Modena, PA.  Our professionals can handle everything from the installation and maintenance of your cooking oil equipment to the delivery of fresh cooking oil and recycling of your used cooking oil.

Our regular cooking oil deliveries, pickups, and equipment maintenance will help you manage your oil use and provide a safe and efficient working environment for your employees.

The main issue with cooking oil is that it is dangerous for the natural environment.  Cooking oil must be managed properly to keep it from getting into the sewer system where it can cause a number of problems.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are committed to protecting the environment which is why we come up effective solutions to manage the use and disposal of your cooking oil. We also recycle all the used cooking oil we collect at our facility so it can be reused for the production of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Mahoney Environmental can provide food service establishments in Philadelphia, PA and the state of Pennsylvania with the following services:

Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling in Pennsylvania

When commercial kitchens run through cooking oil in their fryers, they must collect the used cooking oil so it can be picked up and recycled by a professional.  Used cooking oil is generally fed into a holding tank through specialized equipment in a commercial kitchen.  When the tank reaches its capacity, it must be emptied to prevent spillage that can create hazardous conditions in your kitchen.

Mahoney Environmental can remove your used cooking oil with our cooking oil pickup and recycling services in Philadelphia, PA.  We will arrive at your business at scheduled times to pick up your used cooking oil and we will take it to our facility to be recycled.

Fresh Cooking Oil Delivery – Philadelphia, PA

Commercial kitchens cannot prepare food without cooking oil, making it very important to always have a supply of fresh cooking oil on hand.  Running out of used cooking oil can halt your operations and hurt your bottom line.  It helps to partner with a professional that can make timely deliveries so that you never run out of fresh cooking oil.  Mahoney Environmental provides fresh cooking oil delivery services for businesses in Philadelphia, PA and throughout Pennsylvania.

We will create a schedule of regular bulk deliveries of our premium Preferred Oils to ensure that you get timely deliveries and never run out of fresh oil.  We offer different blends of cooking oils and can also create custom blends.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

All commercial kitchens must have grease traps to help ensure that fats and oils are separated from the waste water and don’t make it into the main sewer.  Fats, oils, and grease solidify in water which can cause clogs in the drains, causing water, oil, and noxious odors to backup into your kitchen.  Your grease traps must be cleaned out regularly and maintained to make sure they function properly and filter the oil from the waste water.

At Mahoney Environmental, we provide grease trap cleaning and maintenance services for commercial kitchens in Philadelphia, PA.  We will remove the built-up grease and oil from the grease traps and provide maintenance if needed to keep them working properly.

Cooking Oil Equipment and Design – Philadelphia, PA and the Surrounding Areas

Cooking oil in commercial kitchens is managed with equipment that feeds the oil into the fryers and carries the used cooking oil to a storage tank.  It is important for all commercial kitchens to have effective cooking oil equipment that can safely manage the use of cooking oil in compliance with health codes and regulations.  These systems reduce the amount of work for your employees and create a safe and sanitary working environment.

At Mahoney Environmental, we can help commercial kitchens in Philadelphia, PA with the design, installation, and maintenance of cooking oil equipment that is compliant with all health codes and regulations.  We can design and install several types of cooking oil systems based on the layout of your kitchen and the volume of cooking oil used on a daily basis.

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