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Mahoney Environmental is a leading provider of grease management solutions for convenience and grocery stores, specializing in used cooking oil recycling. With nationwide service, Mahoney seamlessly services food establishments across the country, offering efficient and eco-friendly disposal options for their used cooking oil. Our dedication to service excellence and custom solutions makes us a trusted partner for all food establishments. Fill out our form to get started today!

How can Mahoney Environmental solve their oil management needs…

For grocery stores to keep their prepared food services profitable, they need an efficient system for managing and disposing cooking oil. Older cooking oil systems require employees to manually pour the oil in the fryers which increases the risk of waste through spillage and injuries from slipping on the oil or lifting the heavy containers. Mahoney Environmental helps grocery stores improve the efficiency of their cooking oil use and disposal with our custom oil disposal systems and oil delivery and waste pickup services. We have helped around 50 local grocery stores by installing new cooking oil systems and providing fresh oil delivery and waste pick-up.


The problem many grocery stores face with their cooking oil is inefficient loading and disposal. Many older systems require the employees to manually pour the oil into the fryers and also manually dispose of the waste oil. When employees have to manually pour and empty cooking oil, there is a high risk for spillage which wastes the oil and causes accidents or injuries that could be costly to the grocery store. The average grocery store employee is older than the average restaurant employee, making the risk of injuries and accidents even higher.

Another problem that many grocery stores face is managing the delivery of fresh oil and pick-up of waste oil. It is important for waste oil to be picked up regularly so it does not build up on-site. At Mahoney Environmental, we help resolve these issues with an efficient oil disposal system that eliminates the need to pour and empty cooking oil manually, and regular oil delivery and pickup services through our subsidiary Preferred Oil.


Using our proprietary Direct Connect Recycler System, these grocery stores are able to dispose of used cooking oil with a single turn of the lever and flip of a switch – the safest, simplest and cleanest way to manage the cooking oil. Some grocery stores have also chosen to use a portable filter machine – to pump oil from the fryer to the waste tank, making the transport of hot oil much simpler. This eliminates the need for employees to transport oil manually, greatly reducing the risk of spills and injuries.

Once the new oil disposal system is in place, we schedule regular oil delivery and waste pickup services through Preferred Oil. With this service, Preferred Oil will come at regularly scheduled times to deliver fresh cooking oil and haul away the waste oil from the disposal tank. This helps grocery stores better manage their oil use and disposal which makes their prepared food services more profitable.


Grocery stores with new oil disposal systems from Mahoney Environmental can conveniently fill and empty their fryers with no manual pouring or transporting involved. This helps keep the waste under control and prevents spillage that leads to injuries for which the store can be liable. The used cooking oil can be deposited directly into the disposal tank which features an electronic monitoring system to prevent the tank from overfilling. The streamlined oil disposal system, along with regular cooking oil deliveries and waste pickup, makes the grocery store a safer environment to work and shop and saves the store money by greatly reducing injuries and the amount of wasted oil.

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