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About Us

Mahoney Environmental – the leader in used cooking oil recycling for over 65 years – is dedicated to you, your restaurant and the environment. Mahoney Environmental recycles used fryer oil, waste cooking oil, and grease trap material, turning these waste products into raw material that can be used to manufacture new products such as animal feed or alternative fuel (biodiesel). Mahoney’s cooking oil services do not stop there. Not only are we a a cooking oil disposal company, but Mahoney Environmental also offers grease trap maintenance and installation, equipment design and installation, and fresh cooking oil delivery. These components make Mahoney Environmental the number one choice for all your cooking oil management needs.

Cooking Oil Experts

Mahoney Environmental has been answering the needs of the food service industry for over 65 years. We have expanded our cooking oil management services to include restaurant grease recycling, waste cooking oil collection, fresh cooking oil delivery (Preferred Oil), and grease trap cleaning, maintenance and pumping. From customized equipment installations and fresh oil delivery, to kitchen grease disposal and food by-product recycling, Mahoney Environmental is the cooking oil experts from delivery to disposal.

The Team

Our people are our greatest asset.

John Mahoney, CEO
John Mahoney, CEO

John has spent his entire professional career working in his family’s firm. After graduating college in 1972, he began as a route driver. Over the next several years he served in a variety of capacities as he learned every part of the business.

Rick Sabol, President
Rick Sabol, President

Rick joined Mahoney Environmental® in 2009 as Vice President of Preferred Oil, LLC.®He added responsibility for our equipment company. As President, Rick will be responsible for Mahoney Environmental operations, sales and administrative management of the business.

John Setchell – President, Mendota Agri-Products
John Setchell – President, Mendota Agri-Products

John graduated from Mendota High School in 1988 and starting as a part-time field maintenance hand for Mendota Agri-Products in 1989. John has grown with the organization learning every position within our processing business.


"I would recommend Mahoney Environmental to anyone in our business who wants
to check one more thing off their list knowing the job will get done

Joseph Rosetti, Corporate Chef - Harry Caray's Restaurant Group

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am that we decided to put this system into the restaurant. After the initial setup this has honestly been the most hands off piece of major equipment we've installed."

Donna Lee from Brown Bag Seafood

"I gained back all that storage space … and handling hot oil was always a pain. It’s so slick … hit a button to fill the fryers … hit a button to empty the fryers. No brainer!"

Owner, Mike Stolfe — Connie’s Pizza

"After testing the Mahoney Direct Connection system at our first restaurant, our staff fell in love with the flip of a switch solution. No one has to haul hot oil outside in bad weather and/or the dark.

Since then, we have installed Mahoney systems at all 18 of our Wendy's, and never experience any problems. Using their equipment is a no brainer."

Jason Graber, Facilities Director — Wendy’s

"We value Mahoney Environmental's sense of integrity, their equipment, and their ability to execute."

Valerie Hogan, purchasing manager for Buffalo Wild Wings.

"Our new restaurant is doing well and with a busy Saturday night we were concerned we would need service on a trap before Sunday Called Saturday night and they had someone here @ 730AM on a Sunday morning. Great job, great customer service much appreciated."

Ed Gricus

"Excellent, I rate this company a 10 over and over again. Customer friendly and reasonable prices."

Elyse Crawford

Contact Us

Mahoney Environmental
712 Essington Rd.
Joliet, IL 60435

(815) 730-2087

Call Us Now (800) 892-9392
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