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Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling Services in Dallas, TX

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Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling Services in Dallas, TX

In many commercial kitchens, cooking oil is vital for their operations, and it is important for the cooking oil to be stored and handled properly before, during, and after use.  Safe and efficient handling and storage of the cooking prevents accidents and creates a safe and efficient working environment.  Working with a professional like Mahoney Environmental for used cooking oil (UCO) pickup and recycling is a great way to ensure proper handling.

Mahoney Environmental provides used cooking oil pickup and recycling services to help commercial kitchens in Dallas, TX.  We can work with any type of businesses in the foodservice industry including restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, grocery stores, universities, ghost kitchens, shared kitchens, and more.  Our professionals will come to your establishment at regular intervals to pick up your used cooking oil so it can be processed for recycling.

Restaurant Grease Pick Up and Disposal Services in Dallas, TX

Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling Services

Cooking oil always needs to be handled and stored properly from its arrival as fresh cooking oil until it is stored after use.  Once the cooking oil has been used, it needs to be transferred to a UCO storage tank so it can be picked up by professional recyclers.  Working with Mahoney Environmental for UCO pickups will ensure that your used cooking oil is picked up regularly which reduces the risk of spills, injuries, and theft.

Businesses that are part of our used cooking oil collection program get regular UCO pickups before the storage tank gets full. We will tailor our UCO pickup services to meet the specific needs of each business we work with.  Our professionals will transfer the used cooking oil from your storage tanks into our trucks so it can be taken to a recycling facility.  You can ensure a safer working environment in your kitchen and lower frying costs by working with us for regular UCO pickups.

Mahoney Environmental is an EPA-licensed recycler and a national leader in UCO pickup and recycling services.  All the UCO we collect from your business will be accurately reported and we can also provide the proper equipment and storage containers so that you are compliant in your handling and storage of UCO.  The recycled UCO is used to create new products including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and renewable diesel.

You can expect the following from our used cooking oil collection and recycling services:

  • Used cooking oil pickup
  • Used cooking oil recycling
  • UCO level monitoring
  • Cooking oil handling and storage equipment

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation Services

Waste Oil Pick Up Container Dallas TXAll commercial kitchens need functional grease traps to ensure that fats, oil, and grease (FOG) do not get washed down the drain.  Washing FOG down the drain will damage the sewer system and pollute the natural environment.  You are also violating municipal codes by washing FOG down the drain which could get your business fined.

Grease traps work by separating fats, oil, and grease from the water with a system of baffles and containing them within the trap.  The accumulated FOG in the traps must be cleaned regularly or it can clog the traps and cause several problems.  If you do not have your grease traps cleaned regularly, you may experience the following:

  • Flooding in kitchen
  • Foul odors
  • Expensive remediation
  • Contamination and health issues
  • Business closures

The complete grease trap cleaning, maintenance, and installation services we provide include the following:

  • Regular maintenance: We can provide basic maintenance for your grease traps to ensure they are functional and help avoid problems that require more extensive repairs.
  • Cleaning and repair: We will clean out the accumulated FOG from the traps and provide repairs when necessary.
  • Rodding and jetting: We can address clogs in the grease traps by rodding and jetting the traps.
  • Inspection report: We will make a report about the work completed on each visit and the conditions of the traps.
  • History reports: We can create a complete history report on the maintenance, repairs, and condition of your grease traps which helps us anticipate needed repairs and maintenance to prevent more serious issues.
  • Emergency 24/7 cleanup: You can call us 24 hours a day to provide emergency grease trap cleaning and repairs.
  • Compliance with municipal and state regulations: Functional grease traps keep FOG out of the sewer system which keeps your business in compliance with municipal and state codes and avoids fines and shutdowns.

Commercial Used Cooking Oil Containers and Automated Systems

It is important for cooking oil to always be handled and stored properly before and after use.  Improper storage and mishandling of the cooking oil increases the risk of spills, burns, and injuries.  All commercial kitchens need an effective cooking oil handling and storage system in place for a safer and more efficient working environment.

Mahoney Environmental provides cooking oil handling systems that allow for the safe transfer and storage of used cooking oil.  With our automated systems, your employees will not have to touch the cooking oil.  We can design and install the following systems for commercial kitchens:

  • Direct Connection: Our Direct Connect Recycler System includes a direct connection from your fryers to the storage container so you can transfer the UCO into storage by turning a lever or flipping a switch.
  • Indoor System: Our indoor solution includes an interior storage container with piping that connects to your fryers. A portable filter machine can be used for oil filtration.
  • Heated Outdoor Bulk Container: This system consists of heated outdoor bulk containers with level sensors and filtering screens over the opening. They also feature anti-theft locks.

Our cooking oil handling systems include the following:

  • UCO storage container
  • Fryer filter machines
  • Connective piping
  • Oil shuttles

Call Your Dallas Oil Recycler – Mahoney Environmental

Mahoney Environmental assists foodservice businesses in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas with used cooking oil pickup and recycling, grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and automated cooking oil handling systems.

You can call Mahoney Environmental at (800) 892-9392 to learn more.

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