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Mahoney Handles Your Cooking Oil Delivery, Collection, and Recycling Needs

We take pride in creating value for restaurant operators and the environment by tailoring services and programs to meet each restaurant’s unique needs.  Our cooking oil management programs offers the following benefits:

Food Quality

The removal of used cooking oil and delivery of fresh oil will help ensure food quality.

Operational Efficiency

Equipment options streamline disposal which helps use the oil more efficiently and reduce workload.


Effective management and cooking oil removal creates a safe kitchen by decreasing burn and spill risk.


Our cooking oil equipment will contain the used oil and prevent spills, keeping your kitchen clean.

Cost Management

We can help monitor the usage of your cooking oil to maximize your efficiency, leading to lower costs.


Our regular pickups of used cooking oil will help you sustain a safe, clean, and efficient working environment.

Why Work with Mahoney Environmental?

Managing used cooking oil in commercial kitchens poses safety risks for employees and customers. Mahoney Environmental offers a licensed recycling program to safely collect and transport used cooking oil for efficient processing. Our professionals manage the entire grease pickup and recycling process, ensuring compliance with regulations and helping businesses effectively handle cooking oil disposal. It’s essential for food service establishments to use licensed haulers for used oil pickup to avoid citations and ensure legal compliance. Mahoney Environmental’s licensed professionals provide reliable restaurant grease services, adhering to local regulations to prevent violations.

Used Cooking Oil Disposal Company You Can Rely On

Every foodservice operation requires a dependable partner for used cooking oil disposal and management. Mahoney Environmental ensures reliability, trustworthiness, and responsiveness throughout the process. From setup to collection, transport, processing, and beyond, we handle every aspect, enhancing safety, sanitation, and overall frying costs.

Get Started!

Our professionals handle everything from setting up cooking oil equipment tailored to your kitchen’s needs to maintaining grease traps and holding tanks. We install tanks with level sensors for timely alerts on emptying needs. Scheduled pickups ensure oil doesn’t accumulate dangerously, with options for off-peak hours to avoid disruption. Whether you need fryer oil recycling, used cooking oil removal, or waste oil collection, proper management ensures efficient operations. With 24/7 service, our fast, thorough process won’t interrupt your business. Mahoney Environmental is your one-stop solution for cooking oil management.

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Learn how to manage used cooking oil and keep your kitchen safe, efficient, and sustainable.

Mahoney improves your bottom line and the environment

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