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Mahoney Handles Your Restaurant Cooking Oil Delivery, Collection, and Recycling Needs

We take pride in creating value for restaurant operators and the environment by tailoring services and programs to meet each restaurant’s unique needs.  Our used cooking oil recycling program offers the following benefits:

Improved food quality

The removal of used cooking oil and delivery of fresh oil will help ensure the quality of your food.

Operational efficiency

Our cooking oil equipment will streamline the oil disposal process which will help you use the oil more efficiently and reduce the work of your employees.


The effective management and swift removal of cooking oil will create a safer work environment by eliminating the risk of burns and oil spills.


Our cooking oil equipment will contain the used oil and prevent spills, keeping your kitchen clean.

Cost management

We can help monitor the usage of your cooking oil to maximize your efficiency, leading to lower costs.


Our regular pickups of used cooking oil will help you sustain a safe, clean, and efficient working environment.

One of the biggest challenges of running a commercial kitchen is dealing with the used cooking oil.  Used cooking oil must be stored and disposed of properly, otherwise it could be a safety hazard for your employees and your customers.  Mahoney Environmental offers a used cooking oil recycling program to safely remove used cooking oil and transport it for processing so it can be recycled.  Our licensed professionals can handle every step of the restaurant grease pickup and recycling process to help your business properly manage the use and disposal of your cooking oil.

Why Work with Mahoney Environmental?

The removal of used cooking oil from a food service establishment is required by law and it must be done by a company that is licensed for oil collection. Establishments are responsible for ensuring that their used cooking oil is picked up by a licensed hauler, and they could receive a citation if they do not have a used oil pick-up program in place. Our professionals at Mahoney Environmental are licensed to provide restaurant grease pickup service and we will always comply with local regulations to avoid violations that could result in citations.

Used Cooking Oil Disposal Company You Can Rely On

Every foodservice operation needs a responsive, reliable, trustworthy cooking oil removal partner to dispose of their used cooking oil and help manage the usage of the oil.  A grease recycler who is always on time, gets the job done right, and never disrupts the operation.  That’s where we at Mahoney Environmental come in.

We control the entire used cooking oil process – from equipment set-up and installation, collection, transport, and processing, to finished product – improving the safety, sanitation, and total cost of frying.

Our professionals can help set up cooking oil equipment in your establishment to manage the usage and disposal of the used oil.  We can design and install cooking oil equipment to fit your kitchen and accommodate the specific needs of your business.  Once the equipment is installed, we will provide maintenance of the grease traps and holding tanks to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly.  The holding tanks we install can be fitted with level sensors that will alert you when the tanks need to be emptied.

When the cooking oil is ready for collection, our professionals will arrive to collect the oil and transport it to be processed and recycled.  Our regularly scheduled deliveries will help ensure that used oil pickup happens on time so that the used cooking oil does not accumulate to dangerous levels.  We can schedule our used oil pickups to happen during your business’s slowest hours to avoid interrupting your operations.

Whether you call it fryer oil recycling, used cooking oil removal, waste oil collection, restaurant cooking oil pickup, used frying oil disposal, UCO service, or used cooking oil collection, proper cooking oil management is the key to ensuring your company runs efficiently.

Our used oil collection process is fast, efficient, and thorough.  We operate 24/7 which means we can collect your used oil at off peak hours with no chance of disrupting your business.  Mahoney Environmental is the right choice as your one-stop-shop for all of your cooking oil management needs.

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