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The Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Hammond, IN is one of the most popular casinos in the Chicago area.

They offer many games and opportunities to gamble in their facility on land and on their riverboat, from table games like blackjack and roulette to video poker and slots. No casino in the Chicago area has more slot machines.

The Horseshoe also offers much more than gambling, as they feature special events, shopping centers, and several on-site restaurants.

The Horseshoe Hammond Casino is open 24 hours a day, which means that there are always people coming and going.

With the amount of activities the Horseshoe offers, some guests may stay for hours and they will eventually need to eat from one of the on-site restaurants.

The restaurants in the Horseshoe prepare and serve plenty of food each day, but they were using a decentralized cooking oil disposal system that made the oil disposal process difficult and inconvenient.

Mahoney Environmental was called in to design and install a new cooking oil disposal system that integrated the oil disposal for their 17 different cooking areas into one system.


  • Integrate 17 different cooking areas on land and boat into a single system – The Horseshoe Hammond has cooking areas in their facility on land and on their riverboat. Our goal was to design a single oil disposal system that can accommodate each cooking area on land and on the boat conveniently.
  • Unusually high volume of cooking oil required – The Horseshoe Hammond gets a lot of visitors, so their restaurants prepare plenty of food each day. This requires a high volume of cooking oil. We had to consider the high volume of cooking oil needed by the casino when designing the oil disposal system.
  • Complexity of managing oil usage, inventory and coordinating deliveries – Having so many cooking areas divided between their land facility and riverboat makes managing the oil usage and disposal as well as coordinating oil deliveries complicated. We took these challenges into account to design a disposal system that would make the management of the oil usage and disposal more convenient.


We designed and installed a custom oil disposal system in the Horseshoe Hammond that successfully integrates the oil disposal for all cooking areas into a single system. This new system consists of the following:

  • Two 1,600 gallon Fresh Cooking Oil Tanks
  • Two 1,600 gallon Used Fryer Oil Tanks
  • One 1,600 gallon Grease Trap holding tank
  • Custom piping to and from 17 different cooking areas on land and boat
  • Multiple Fill Wand and Hose assemblies
  • Custom Fill Box, visible near high traffic pedestrian walkway
  • Customized digital control boxes
  • Web-based activity monitoring
  • Multiple Fill Wand and Hose assemblies
  • Custom Fill box, visible near high traffic pedestrian walkway
  • Guarantee Delivery of custom blend cooking oil in tanker volumes


  • Increased productivity among restaurant managers – With a more convenient oil disposal system in place, restaurant managers can spend more time managing their normal operations, improving the productivity of their restaurant.
  • Significant reduction in total frying cost – The centralized oil disposal system makes it easier to manage the disposal and usage of cooking oil. This helps cut down waste and make better use of the oil, ultimately lowering the costs to prepare food with the oil.
  • Extremely Satisfied Customers – The guests of the casino can expect better service and better tasting food now that the restaurants have a convenient, streamlined oil disposal system.

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