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Mahoney Environmental is a leading provider of grease management solutions for casinos and country clubs, specializing in used cooking oil recycling and oil management. With nationwide service, Mahoney seamlessly services food establishments across the country, offering efficient and eco-friendly disposal options for their used cooking oil. Our dedication to service excellence and custom solutions makes us a trusted partner for all food establishments. Fill out our form to get started today!

Learn about how we helped the Harrah’s Casino solve their oil management needs…

Harrah’s Joliet Hotel and Casino, a part of the Caesars Entertainment group, offers a comprehensive experience for guests. From a vibrant gaming floor featuring slot machines and table games to comfortable hotel accommodations, diverse dining options, and lively entertainment events, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for excitement on the gaming floor or a memorable dining experience, Harrah’s Joliet aims to provide a complete entertainment and culinary destination.


With the array of activities available at Harrah’s, guests often spend hours enjoying the various amenities, inevitably needing a meal from the on-site restaurants. However, the restaurant operations faced challenges with their decentralized cooking oil disposal system, which made the process cumbersome. To address this issue, Mahoney Environmental was enlisted to devise and implement a streamlined solution. Their task was to design and install a centralized cooking oil disposal system, integrating the disposal process across the multiple cooking areas into one efficient system.


  • Integrate different cooking areas on into a single system – The Harrah’s kitchens have cooking areas throughout the property. Our goal was to design a single oil disposal system that can accommodate each cooking area conveniently and simply.
  • High volume of cooking oil required – These kitchens gets a lot of visitors, so their restaurants prepare plenty of food each day. This requires a high volume of cooking oil. We had to consider the high volume of cooking oil needed by the casino when designing the oil disposal system.
  • Complexity of managing oil usage, inventory and coordinating deliveries – Having so many cooking areas divided between their facilities makes managing the oil usage and disposal as well as coordinating oil deliveries complicated. We took these challenges into account to design a disposal system that would make the management of the oil usage and disposal more convenient.


We designed and installed a custom oil disposal system in the Horseshoe Hammond that successfully integrates the oil disposal for all cooking areas into a single system. This new system consists of the following:

  • Fresh Cooking Oil Tanks
  • Used Fryer Oil Tanks
  • Grease Trap holding tank
  • Custom piping to and from different cooking areas
  • Multiple Fill Wand and Hose assemblies
  • Custom Fill Box, visible near high traffic pedestrian walkway
  • Customized digital control boxes
  • Web-based activity monitoring
  • Multiple Fill Wand and Hose assemblies
  • Custom Fill box, visible near high traffic pedestrian walkway
  • Guarantee Delivery of custom blend cooking oil in tanker volumes


  • Increased productivity among restaurant managers – With a more convenient oil disposal system in place, restaurant managers can spend more time managing their normal operations, improving the productivity of their restaurant.
  • Significant reduction in total frying cost – The centralized oil disposal system makes it easier to manage the disposal and usage of cooking oil. This helps cut down waste and make better use of the oil, ultimately lowering the costs to prepare food with the oil.
  • Extremely Satisfied Customers – The guests of the casino can expect better service and better tasting food now that the restaurants have a convenient, streamlined oil disposal system.

Management Testimonial: “We have been doing business with Preferred Oil for over 20 years now, they have consistently impressed us with their professionalism and reliability. They are incredibly responsive to our needs, and we have been satisfied with every aspect of their service.  We highly recommend for anyone in need of dependable and high-quality service.”

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