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Grease Theft

How You Can Help Prevent Grease Theft:

Know what your services provider trucks look like.
Lock up your corral if your grease tank is enclosed.
Call the police if you see suspicious trucks.
Call Mahoney Environmental for security options on your grease containers.

Grease TrapsIt’s time to get serious about used cooking oil theft—it is a real crime, and it is occurring more frequently than you might think. The culprits are stealing your valuable cooking oil and trying to pass off their appearance as a trusted recycler.

The annual volume of stolen grease each year: 190 million pounds. This equates to close to $40 million in lost revenue to targeted firms! Grease theft also often results in damaged equipment that is used to store and secure grease onsite.

The truck photos below are the type and style of trucks used to unlawfully remove used cooking oil from containers located on many restaurant properties. Please inform your employees to be on the look out for suspicious vehicles.

Request that your employees call the police immediately to report potential theft. If possible, consider pointing one of your outside security cameras towards your grease container to help in the fight against the growing theft issue.

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