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Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental has been dedicated to meeting the evolving demands of the food service industry. Our commitment has led us to expand our offerings, now featuring Preferred Oil – a comprehensive solution encompassing fresh oil delivery through a closed-loop system. From tailored equipment installations to seamless fresh oil delivery, used oil collection, and recycling services, Mahoney’s Preferred Oil Program offers a holistic, “full-service” approach to address all your cooking oil needs. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you in achieving clean, sustainable, and virtually hands-free cooking operations.


Our mission, quite simply, is to provide the most effective solutions, the best automated equipment, and dependable uninterrupted service for your fryer oil handling and cooking requirements.

Bulk Delivery Right to Your Door

Bulk Oil Delivery from Mahoney Saves You Time and Money

The advantages of the Preferred Oil program start right from day one. Mahoney Environmental’s fleet of trucks deliver our premium Preferred Oils right to your food service operation. This supply method offers multiple benefits including:

  • Schedule delivery
  • Automated inventory
  • Oil usage reporting
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cost effective storage
  • Environmentally friendly (no wasteful plastic or paper packaging)

Preferred Oil Systems and Solutions

Maximized Value

Fully automated systems simplify cooking oil management, reduces costs, and provides high-quality fresh oil tailored to your operations, while its recycling feature ensures fast and safe disposal, maximizing overall value.

Worry Free Installation – Inside & Out

Custom installation offerings to accommodate various restaurant needs, including placing the oil holding tank outdoors for tight interior spaces, ensuring optimal system design regardless of your setup.

Touch of a Button

With our closed-loop system, at the push of a button, your custom cooking oil blend seamlessly pumps into your fryers, facilitating a smooth and efficient kitchen operation while saving precious time for your staff.

Zero Trans Clear Canola

Our canola oil undergoes a refining process, including bleaching and deodorization, fortified with additives for enhanced stability; naturally winterized, boasting the lowest saturated fat content for commercially available vegetable oils.

Website Monitoring

Embedded within each closed-loop system is an advanced monitoring system, empowering you to optimize efficiency through online tracking of oil usage, delivery schedules, and comprehensive inventory data.

Zero Trans Clear Soybean

Our soybean oil is refined, bleached, and deodorized, is specially formulated for shortening applications, fortified with TBHQ for enhanced stability and silicones to minimize foaming, ensuring optimal performance in various culinary endeavors.

Download Our Guide

Learn how to manage used cooking oil and keep your kitchen safe, efficient, and sustainable.

Mahoney improves your bottom line and the environment

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