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Mahoney History


  • James Mahoney incorporates Mahoney Grease Service as a Fats and Oils Recycler
  • Mahoney Grease Serviced customers in 100 lb. cans (13 gallons drums)


  • Mahoney serviced customers with 55-gallon Drums
  • Designed locking Cabinets for employee safety, cleanliness, and theft prevention
  • Mahoney Grease moves office from Jim’s basement to Willow Springs, IL
  • Mahoney expands butcher shop fat and bone service and starts grease trap pump service


  • John Mahoney joined his father’s in business
  • Jim Invents and Patents the Barrel Body Truck to make the routes and handling the 55 gal drums more efficient
  • Chicagoland recycler; growing routes into 150-mile radius
  • Relocated business to Joliet, IL.


  • 250-gallon bulk tanks start replacing 55-gallon drums to add more efficiencies
  • Purchased Mendota Agri-Products
  • Remodeled plant to recycle UCO – pit, tanks, boiler upgrades

1990 ‘s

  • Grew Midwest footprint


  • John Mahoney becomes President of Mahoney Environmental
  • Inside Tanks were developed, assembled, shipped nationally, and installed into Restaurants for easy, safe and clean solution; “The Recycler” by Mahoney


  • Joe Petrusha designed, tested, and marketed the Direct Connection: direct piping from fryers to tanks


  • Mahoney designed the 31’’ Round ClearView UCO Tank


  • Opened collections in Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, and St Louis, MO


  • Mahoney named Vendor of the Year by Burger King Franchise Group


  • Company shifts focus onto UCO, Equipment, Grease Traps and commits to self -service expansion
  • Redesigned our mill plant


  • Preferred Oil business line rolled out: Fresh and waste closed loop system


  • set up Mahoney Managed services to provide nationwide service


  • Built Denver plant
  • Built Raleigh plant
  • Upgraded wastewater facilities in Mendota and built an anaerobic digester
  • Consolidated leadership around the vision to become a national service company.
  • Restructured company: two Presidents reporting to CEO. Each president building out team.


  • Signed 5-year national deal with BWW
  • Expanded into Texas
  • Rick Sabol named President of Mahoney Environmental, and builds out Leadership Team


  • Acquired RRS routes in IL and IN
  • Focus on cost containment
  • Develops remote tank monitoring for efficient collections and customer transparency


  • Expanded into North and South Carolina
  • Acquired US Foods customers in Carolinas and New England
  • Mahoney Awarded Vendor of Excellence by Buffalo Wild Wings


  • Upgraded AD in Mendota to execute a tipping fee model.
  • Exited rendering collections business
  • Refined vision to self-serve national customers (horizontal); and waste to energy (vertical) at Mendota
  • Mendota expand Liquid Recycling and Industrial businesses.


  • Expanded into Pennsylvania.
  • Expanded into Phoenix, AZ
  • Transition into East – West Operational Units


  • LCFS gains traction and demand for Used Cooking oil grows globally


  • Designed and Built Preferred Oil Depot in Joliet, IL
  • Mahoney operates self-service routes out of 9 oil recycling facilities and exports sales of finished products


  • May 1st Neste US acquires Mahoney Environmental and continues organic and acquisition expansion


  • Expanded into Florida


  • January – Dave Kimball becomes CEO and President
  • Expanded into San Diego, CA, New England, New York, and Los Angeles, CA


  • SeQuential became a Neste subsidiary
  • February 20th – Mahoney turns 70!

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