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Mahoney Environmental Accommodates Hotel Zachary with New Cooking Oil Disposal System

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Mahoney Environmental is a leading provider of grease management solutions for the hospitality industry, specializing in used cooking oil recycling. With nationwide service, Mahoney seamlessly services food establishments across the country, offering efficient and eco-friendly disposal options for their used cooking oil. Our dedication to service excellence and custom solutions makes us a trusted partner for all food establishments.

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Hotel Zachary is a brand-new hotel that opened in 2018 in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, right across the street from Wrigley Field.

It is a boutique hotel with a modern, yet vintage design that is inspired by the work of Zachary Taylor Davis, the architect behind the iconic Wrigley Field and the man for which the hotel is named.

The hotel doesn’t just cater to Cubs fans, it is also in an ideal location for tourists and business travelers to experience a major cultural center on Chicago’s north side.

One of the biggest draws to Hotel Zachary is the collection of award winning restaurants in the hotel. Their restaurants run the range from five-star dining choices to more affordable bar and grill restaurants.

When the hotel was still being built, they called Mahoney Environmental to design and install a cooking oil disposal system that is convenient to use for all 10 kitchens in the hotel.


  • Integrate the waste oil disposal for 10 kitchens into one combined unit– The idea was to design a disposal system in which the cooking oil from all 10 kitchens would be deposited into the same unit. This would make the oil disposal much more convenient for the restaurants and more efficient for the hotel, giving them more control of the disposal process.
  • Eliminate outdoor manual waste oil tanks– The outdoor oil tanks were an eyesore. It was also inconvenient for workers to manually dispose of the cooking oil in outside tanks.
  • Eliminate handling of waste oil by employees – Handling waste oil can be a hazardous job. If employees do not have to handle the waste, there will be less of a risk of injuries that could cause an employee to miss time or even file a lawsuit.


We designed and installed a convenient new oil disposal system in the Zachary Hotel that consists of the following:

  • One MEC72 pump and motor multi-tenant system
  • Shuttles/Caddies for each tenant using the system
  • Direct connect caddies to customer’s filtration system built into the fryer banks
  • Web-based activity monitoring


  • Increased productivity and safety among kitchen managers – Restaurant employees no longer have to take the oil waste manually to outside waste tanks which makes their jobs safer. This also helps improve the productivity of the restaurants by limiting the amount of time spent on activities that do not contribute to the bottom line.
  • Clean dock and alley area without manual tanks – The area outside the hotel is much cleaner and looks better without the outside oil waste tanks. This helps the hotel keep a clean and classy look in one of Chicago’s premier neighborhoods.
  • Elimination of fines and health code violations– The new oil disposal system is complaint with the health code so the hotel does not need to worry about fines for violations. The elimination of these fines practically pays for the cost of the new disposal system and its installation.
  • Extremely Satisfied Customers – Not only are the restaurants happy with the new convenient oil disposal system, the patrons are also happy to enjoy a world class dining experience in Chicago’s newest boutique hotel.

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