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Commercial Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling, Grease Trap Cleaning, OH

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When running a food establishment, the most important element in the kitchen is cooking oil.  Commercial kitchens need cooking oil to prepare food and they also need to handle used cooking oil safely and efficiently.  When mishandled, cooking oil is a dangerous material as it can lead to workplace injuries without proper handling and storage and threaten the natural environment if it is not collected and disposed of properly.  You may also be at risk of violating local codes if you do not handle your used cooking oil properly which can result in your establishment being fined.  It is important to have a cooking oil management system installed in your kitchen to ensure that your cooking oil is managed properly and in compliance with local regulations.

Working with a professional that provides cooking oil delivery, pickup, and recycling, as well as installation and maintenance of cooking oil management systems, is the best way to ensure that your cooking oil is handled in compliance with local laws.  Mahoney Environmental provides cooking oil services throughout the state of Ohio that include delivery of fresh oil, pickup and recycling of used oil, and installation and maintenance for cooking oil equipment.  We will work with your establishment to ensure that your cooking oil equipment is working effectively and provide regular delivery and pickups of new and used cooking oil.

Commercial Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling, Grease Trap Cleaning, OH

It is the responsibility of every commercial food service establishment to manage their new and used cooking oil to provide a safe working environment for their employees and prevent the oil from harming the natural environment.  If your establishment does not have a cooking oil management system in place, spills are more likely to occur which can cause workplace injuries.  You must also have a proper disposal system or the oil could enter the natural environment.

Good cooking oil disposal habits are important to prevent the oil from leaking into the environment or getting washed down the sewer system.  Allowing cooking oil into the sewer system can result in damage and fines for your business.  Our professionals will ensure that your cooking oil management system is in working order to prevent pollution and we will pickup your used cooking oil before your storage container becomes too full.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are committed to protecting the environment and providing green cooking oil recycling services.  All of the used cooking oil we collect is brought to our facility and recycled to be used for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production. We are located in Toledo, OH and can work with food service establishments throughout the state of Ohio.

Fresh Cooking Oil Delivery – Ohio

Commercial kitchens go through fresh cooking oil quickly and running out of fresh cooking oil can cause you to stop operations in your kitchen until you get another delivery.  Your establishment can easily lose business if you are out of fresh cooking oil for any amount of time.  You can help prevent this from happening by working with a professional that can provide regular delivery of fresh cooking oil.  At Mahoney Environmental, we work with businesses throughout the state of Ohio to provide regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh cooking oil.  With our delivery services, your food service establishment will always have fresh oil on hand.  We can provide you with our premium Preferred Oils or develop a custom oil blend.

Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling – Ohio

Used cooking oil is a hazardous material that needs to be handled and stored properly.  It should never be washed down the drain because it can cause damage in the sewer system, and it shouldn’t be thrown away in the garbage either.  After cooking oil is used, it needs to be stored in a proper container and picked up by a professional that can recycle it.  Mahoney Environmental provides used cooking oil pickup and recycling services for food service businesses throughout Ohio.  We will pick up your used cooking oil before your storage container becomes full and recycle it at our facility.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance – Ohio

Grease traps are an important feature of commercial kitchens because they filter fats, oils, and grease from the wastewater.  All commercial kitchens are required to have functioning grease traps because they protect the sewer system from grease and oil that can damage the system and lead to pollution.  In order for grease traps to work effectively, they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to remove the accumulated grease and oil.  Our professionals at Mahoney Environmental provide grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Ohio to help food service establishments keep their grease traps functional to protect the natural environment.  We can properly clean out your grease traps and provide maintenance and repair if necessary.

Cooking Oil Equipment Design and Installation – Ohio

Every commercial kitchen needs a cooking oil system installed to manage the movement and handling of cooking oil before, during, and after its use.  A good cooking oil system will move the oil efficiently from the fryers to storage, cutting down on waste and preventing spills that can cause burns and falls.  At Mahoney Environmental, we provide design, installation, and maintenance services for cooking oil equipment for businesses in Ohio.  We can install new systems or update existing systems as well as design standard cooking oil systems, automated systems, and custom systems for your kitchen.

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