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Cooking Oil Delivery, Pickup, and Recycling in Tennessee

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Cooking oil is essential in every commercial kitchen as it is needed to prepare all types of food.  It is important for the staff in commercial kitchens to handle the cooking oil properly because it is a hazardous material, especially after it is used.  If cooking oil is not handled properly, it can spill within the kitchen, putting your employees at risk of burns and injuries.  Used cooking oil also needs to be collected and stored properly for removal or there is a risk it could get into the sewer system or natural environment.  Improper storage of used cooking oil and contamination of the local sewer system could result in fines as this is against local codes.  Having an effective cooking oil management system in your kitchen will help you manage the handling of your used cooking oil to ensure proper storage and avoid violations.

The most effective way to ensure that your cooking oil is handled properly and avoid violations that can lead to fines is to work with a professional that can help with cooking oil delivery, pickups, and maintenance for your oil management system.  At Mahoney Environmental, we work with food establishments in the state of Tennessee to manage their cooking oil delivery, pickup and recycling of used cooking oil, and maintenance and installation for cooking oil management systems.  We will schedule regular deliveries and pickups to ensure that you always have fresh cooking oil and help keep your cooking oil equipment in working order.

Collection & Recycling of Used Cooking Oil and Grease Trap Cleaning Service in Tennessee

Food service establishments need to effectively manage their fresh and used cooking oil to protect the natural environment and the safety of their employees.  Mishandling of the cooking oil can cause spills which leads to slips and burns or cause the cooking oil to enter the natural environment.  Using a proper cooking oil management system will contain the oil to prevent spills and ensure proper storage to protect the natural environment.

It is especially important to prevent the used cooking oil from washing down the drain and entering the sewer system.  Used cooking oil in the sewer can cause pollution and clog the sewer lines which leads to major problems.  Your business will likely be fined if you allow the used cooking oil into the sewer system.  Our professionals can help prevent this by maintaining your cooking oil equipment and grease traps and providing regular oil pickups so you do not have too much used cooking oil onsite.

At Mahoney Environmental, it is our mission to provide green cooking oil recycling services and ensure proper handling of the oil to protect our natural environment. We make sure that every bit of used oil we collect is recycled and reused for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production.

We are located in Gallatin, TN and can work with food service businesses across the state of Tennessee.

Fresh Cooking Oil Delivery – Tennessee

Fresh cooking oil is an important element in commercial kitchens and most business go through their oil very quickly.  If you run out of fresh cooking oil, you may have to halt your operations which can result in a loss of business until you get a fresh delivery.  By working with a professional that provides fresh cooking oil, you can avoid running out by scheduling regular deliveries.  Mahoney Environmental provides fresh cooking oil delivery for food service businesses throughout Tennessee.  Our regularly scheduled deliveries will help ensure that your business never runs out of fresh cooking oil.  We offer premium Preferred Oils and we can also make custom oil blends for your business.

Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling – Tennessee

Once cooking oil is used, it is a hazardous material that needs to be properly handled and stored.  You should never dispose of used cooking oil yourself because putting it in the garbage can cause it to enter the natural environment and washing it down the drain and cause clogs and damage in the sewer system.  Improper oil storage and disposal can also result in fines for your business.  At Mahoney Environmental, we provide used cooking oil pickup and recycling services in Tennessee to remove your used oil.  Our professionals will empty your storage container before it gets full and take the used oil to our facility to be recycled.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance – Tennessee

Every commercial kitchen has grease traps that protect the sewer system by filtering fats, oils, and grease from the wastewater.  It is important for grease traps to be in good repair so that the grease and oil does not enter the sewer system and cause damage, clogs, or pollution.  Because grease traps consistently filter oils and grease, they need to be cleaned out and maintained to continue to effectively filter the oil from the wastewater.  At Mahoney Environmental, we can clean and maintain grease traps for commercial kitchens in Tennessee.  Our professionals will regularly clean and maintain your grease traps and provide repairs to keep them functional.

Cooking Oil Equipment Design and Installation – Tennessee

Commercial kitchens must be fitted with some type of cooking oil equipment to ensure that new and used cooking oil is handled, used, and stored safely.  Cooking oil equipment will transfer the used oil from the fryers to the storage container, reducing the risk of spills and workplace injuries.  Our professionals at Mahoney Environmental provide design, installation, and maintenance services for cooking oil equipment for commercial kitchens in Tennessee.  We can help design, install, and update equipment for your kitchen to help better manage new and used cooking oil.  We offer standard and automated cooking oil systems and we can also design custom systems to fit your kitchen.

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