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Restaurant Grease Pick Up and Disposal Services in Oklahoma City, OK

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The management of cooking oil is of utmost importance in commercial kitchens due to the substantial volume they consume. Ensuring the safe handling and proper storage of cooking oil remains a significant concern. Following usage, appropriate equipment is necessary to store the used cooking oil. Once stored, a professional must come in to take care of the collection and subsequent recycling of the used cooking oil.

Mahoney Environmental specializes in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO) in Oklahoma City, OK. We can provide these services for a diverse range of food-related establishments, including restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels, educational institutions, virtual kitchens, and communal culinary spaces. To guarantee consistent pick-up of used cooking oil, collaborating with our certified oil recycling team is the ideal approach.

Fryer Oil Disposal and Recycling Services

Cooking oil is good for multiple uses in the fryers before its utility diminishes. When the cooking oil reaches its usability limit, it must be stored within the proper storage tanks until it can be picked up for recycling. Ensuring the storage of used cooking oil and arranging for its consistent pickup plays a pivotal role in minimizing hazards such as oil spills and potential injuries, while also contributing to the preservation of the environment. Working with a seasoned recycler like Mahoney Environmental is an effective strategy to guarantee the regular collection of your used cooking oil for recycling initiatives.

Mahoney Environmental is an EPA-licensed oil recycler providing disposal and recycling of used fryer oil specifically tailored for foodservice businesses. Our team of experts will load the used cooking oil from your designated storage containers onto our specialized trucks for transportation to our processing facility to be recycled. Our used cooking oil pickup services not only contribute to the reduction of frying expenses but also to a safer kitchen environment.

We also help foodservice businesses with the design and installation of automated systems dedicated to the secure handling and storage of used cooking oil. The used fryer oil we collect will be meticulously documented and taken to our facility where it can be recycled and used to produce resources such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and other products.

We provide the following with our fryer oil recycling services:

  • Monitoring of UCO level
  • Cooking oil handling and storage equipment installation
  • Used fryer oil pickup
  • Used fryer oil recycling

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation

The presence of grease traps within commercial kitchens is crucial for the filtration of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from wastewater. The ramifications of allowing FOG to flow down the drain are far-reaching, encompassing not only potential damage to drainage and sewer systems but also a notable impact on the surrounding natural environment. Furthermore, disregarding this concern violates local regulations, which makes your business susceptible to fines.

Grease traps keep FOG from washing down the drain with a system of baffles that effectively segregate FOG from the wastewater and retain it within the trap. As the FOG accumulates over time, the risk of blockages and other operational disruptions increases. Maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of grease traps through regular cleaning is paramount to prevent the following issues:

  • Kitchen flooding
  • Contamination and health issues
  • Expensive remediation services
  • Bad odors
  • Fines
  • Business closures

Mahoney Environmental can keep your traps functional with the following grease trap cleaning and maintenance services:

  • Scheduled maintenance: Our experts are committed to delivering routine grease trap maintenance and cleaning as part of a consistent schedule.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Through our services, we efficiently eliminate oil and grease buildup from the traps, and we swiftly address any repairs needed to uphold optimal trap functionality.
  • Effective rodding and jetting: Tough blockages are no match for our rodding and jetting techniques, ensuring the traps remain free of difficult clogs.
  • Thorough inspection reports: With each visit, you can expect comprehensive inspection reports detailing the condition of your traps, providing valuable insights into their upkeep.
  • Comprehensive historical records: We diligently maintain a history of all trap repairs and maintenance actions taken. This proactive approach helps us anticipate necessary upkeep, promptly resolving potential issues and mitigating their escalation.
  • Emergency cleanup: Our 24/7 emergency services are at your disposal, ready to swiftly address any backed-up grease traps to avoid detrimental impacts within your kitchen environment.
  • Regulatory compliance: You can expect your grease traps to be functional and clean, which ensures compliance with local and state regulations.

Restaurant Grease Disposal Containers

Every commercial kitchen must have an established system for the secure management, transfer, and storage of cooking oil. Implementing specialized equipment dedicated to cooking oil handling contributes significantly to a safe environment by minimizing the risk of spills, burns, and potential injuries.

Mahoney Environmental can manage the design and installation of cutting-edge automated cooking oil handling solutions tailored specifically for commercial kitchens. Our services include a diverse array of automated systems that improve operational efficiency and safety:

  • Direct Connection: With our Direct Connection Recycler System, your UCO storage container is linked directly to the fryers. This streamlined setup permits a simple action of turning a lever or flipping a switch for UCO transfer.
  • Indoor System: Our indoor system features a dedicated indoor storage tank with pipelines extending and connecting to the fryers. The UCO filtration process involves utilizing a portable filter machine.
  • Heated Outdoor Bulk Container: The outdoor heated bulk containers we offer come equipped with insulation and a robust anti-theft locking mechanism, rendering them suitable for outdoor use. These containers are also outfitted with level sensors to monitor UCO levels, accompanied by a filter screen over the opening.

We offer the following commercial grease storage containers:

  • ClearView 200
  • Metro SecureTrack® (MST)
  • SecureTrack® (ST)
  • MEC-400 Gallon Inside Storage Tank
  • MEC-600 Gallon Outside Storage Tank
  • Direct Connection® 48
  • Direct Connection® 72 w/ CO2 Enclosure

Call Your Oklahoma City Oil Recycler – Mahoney Environmental

The skilled experts at Mahoney Environmental are prepared to provide valuable aid to foodservice establishments within Oklahoma City, OK. Our services include fryer oil disposal and recycling, as well as comprehensive grease trap cleaning and upkeep, in addition to the installation of grease disposal containers.

For more information, feel free to reach out to us at (800) 893-9392.

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