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Restaurant Grease Pick Up and Disposal Services in New Orleans, LA

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Proper management of cooking oil is of utmost importance in commercial kitchens. The safe handling and storage of cooking oil should always be a priority. It is crucial to have suitable equipment for storing used oil and to seek professional assistance for its collection and recycling.

At Mahoney Environmental, we specialize in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO) in New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding areas. Our restaurant grease pick-up and disposal services cater to a wide range of food establishments, including restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels, educational institutions, virtual kitchens, and communal culinary spaces. By collaborating with our certified team, you can ensure the consistent and reliable pick-up of used cooking oil while contributing to eco-friendly oil management solutions.

Fryer Oil Disposal and Recycling Services

Cooking oil serves as a highly versatile ingredient that can be utilized multiple times in fryers before losing its effectiveness. Once the oil reaches its usage limit, it must be stored in appropriate containers until it can be collected for recycling. Proper storage and consistent pickup of used cooking oil are vital to minimize potential hazards such as spills and injuries, while also contributing to environmental conservation.

By partnering with Mahoney Environmental, an EPA-licensed oil recycler, foodservice establishments can ensure the regular collection and recycling of their used fryer oil. Our experienced team will efficiently load the oil from your designated containers onto specialized trucks for transportation to our state-of-the-art processing facility. Our pickup services not only help reduce frying expenses but also enhance kitchen safety.

We also specialize in supporting foodservice establishments by designing and installing automated systems that focus on the secure handling and storage of used cooking oil. With our meticulous documentation, you can rest assured that your fryer oil will be collected and transported to our facility for proper recycling. Through this process, we can generate valuable resources, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and other environmentally friendly products.

Our fryer oil recycling services include the following:

  • Handling and storage equipment for cooking oil
  • Used fryer oil pickup
  • Used fryer oil recycling
  • UCO level monitoring

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation

Commercial kitchens rely on grease traps as crucial components for effectively filtering fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from wastewater. Allowing FOG to enter drainage systems can have severe consequences, causing extensive damage and environmental harm. Additionally, neglecting this issue can lead to non-compliance with local regulations and potential fines.

Grease traps use baffles to separate and contain FOG within the trap, ensuring it does not enter the drain. However, as time passes, the build-up of FOG increases the risk of blockages which leads to problems. Regular cleaning and maintenance of grease traps are essential to avoid the following problems:

  • Flooding in the kitchen
  • Foul odors
  • Expensive remediation services
  • Contamination and health issues
  • Business closures
  • Fines

At Mahoney Environmental, we provide the following grease trap cleaning and maintenance services to keep the traps in working order:

  • Routine maintenance: Our team of experts is committed to providing regular maintenance and cleaning services for grease traps.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Our services effectively eliminate oil and grease buildup from traps, ensuring optimal functionality. We also promptly address any necessary repairs.
  • Powerful rodding and jetting: Our advanced rodding and jetting techniques efficiently clear tough blockages, keeping traps free of stubborn clogs.
  • Comprehensive inspection reports: Each visit includes detailed inspection reports, providing valuable insights into the condition and upkeep of your traps.
  • Detailed maintenance records: We maintain comprehensive historical records of trap repairs and maintenance actions, enabling us to anticipate necessary upkeep and proactively resolve potential issues.
  • Swift emergency cleanup: Our 24/7 emergency services promptly address backed-up grease traps, preventing any detrimental impacts in your kitchen environment.
  • Regulatory compliance: Our services guarantee functional and clean grease traps, ensuring compliance with local and state regulations.

Restaurant Grease Disposal Containers

Having a reliable and efficient system for managing, transferring, and storing cooking oil is of utmost importance in any commercial kitchen. By incorporating dedicated equipment specifically designed for handling cooking oil, you can establish a secure environment and greatly reduce the risks of spills, burns, and injuries.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are experts in providing innovative and advanced automated solutions for handling cooking oil in commercial kitchens. Our extensive range of services includes state-of-the-art automated systems that not only optimize operational efficiency but also prioritize safety.

  • Recycler System with Direct Connection: Our Recycler System with Direct Connection offers a seamless link between your UCO storage container and fryers. This streamlined setup enables effortless UCO transfer by simply turning a lever or flipping a switch.
  • Portable Filter Machine for Indoor System: Our Indoor System features a dedicated storage tank with pipelines extending to the fryers. To ensure the highest quality and efficiency, the UCO filtration process incorporates a portable filter machine.
  • Heated Outdoor Bulk Containers: Our outdoor bulk containers are specially designed for efficient outdoor use. Equipped with insulation and a robust anti-theft locking mechanism, these containers provide both security and convenience. They are also equipped with UCO-level sensors and a filter screen for enhanced functionality.

The commercial grease storage containers we provide include the following:

  • ClearView 200
  • Metro SecureTrack® (MST)
  • SecureTrack® (ST)
  • MEC-400 Gallon Inside Storage Tank
  • MEC-600 Gallon Outside Storage Tank
  • Direct Connection® 48
  • Direct Connection® 72 w/ CO2 Enclosure

Call Your New Orleans Oil Recycler – Mahoney Environmental

Looking for reliable assistance with your foodservice establishment in the New Orleans, LA area? Look no further than Mahoney Environmental! Our skilled experts offer a range of services including fryer oil disposal and recycling, comprehensive grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and grease disposal container installation.

Contact us at (800) 893-9392 for more information.

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