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Restaurant Grease Pick Up and Disposal Services in Austin, TX

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Commercial kitchens heavily rely on cooking oil and must adhere to proper handling and storage protocols. Disposing of used oil poses a challenge for foodservice businesses, as it requires appropriate storage for recycling purposes. To address this, professional grease pickup services are available to facilitate the collection of used cooking oil.

One such licensed provider is Mahoney Environmental, specializing in restaurant grease pickup and recycling services tailored to foodservice establishments in Austin, TX. Our comprehensive range of services includes the collection of used cooking oil (UCO) from a variety of establishments, including bars, restaurants, hotels, universities, grocery stores, ghost kitchens, and shared kitchens. Collaborating with Mahoney’s experienced experts ensures the regular collection and recycling of your used cooking oil.

Fryer Oil Disposal and Recycling Services

Reusing cooking oil in fryers is a cost-effective practice until it loses its effectiveness. To prevent any negative impact, it is crucial to store the used oil properly in grease tanks for subsequent recycling. Ensuring regular pickup and collaborating with trusted recycling professionals like Mahoney Environmental can significantly reduce the risks of oil spills, injuries, and environmental damage. Trust us to efficiently collect and recycle your used cooking oil.

At Mahoney Environmental, we work closely with foodservice establishments to offer comprehensive solutions for the disposal and recycling of fryer oil. Our streamlined process involves the collection of used oil from your storage tanks and its transportation to our state-of-the-art recycling facility. We take pride in tailoring our fryer oil recycling services to the specific needs of each client. Rest assured, our skilled professionals oversee the seamless transfer of your used cooking oil to our specialized trucks, ensuring its secure transport to our recycling facility. By scheduling regular pickups of your used cooking oil, you can create a safe working environment in your kitchen while also minimizing frying expenses.

Mahoney Environmental is licensed by the EPA to provide exceptional used cooking oil collection and recycling services. We specialize in the installation of top-notch used cooking oil handling equipment to guarantee safe storage and disposal within your establishment. Our meticulous documentation covers all the used cooking oil we collect, which is then processed in our state-of-the-art recycling facility. Through this process, we produce renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and other innovative products.

You can expect the following from our fryer oil recycling services:

  • Used cooking oil collection equipment and storage tank installation
  • Pickup of used fryer oil
  • Transport and recycling of the UCO
  • Level monitoring of your UCO

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation

To avoid the improper disposal of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) in the drain, it is necessary for commercial kitchens to have functioning grease traps. Improperly disposing of these substances can cause extensive damage to plumbing and sewage systems, as well as have adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, washing oil down the drain violates city ordinances, potentially resulting in fines for your business.

Grease traps in restaurants use a series of baffles to separate fats, oil, and grease from water, enabling these substances to separate and become trapped within the system. It is crucial to regularly clean the grease traps to avoid the build-up of excessive grease and oil, which can cause blockages and various related problems. Neglecting trap maintenance and cleaning may lead to the following outcomes when the traps become full or clogged:

  • Flooding in the kitchen
  • Expensive remediation services
  • Foul odors
  • Contamination and health issues
  • Business closure
  • Fines

At Mahoney Environmental, we are experts in delivering complete solutions for the cleaning and upkeep of grease traps, guaranteeing their optimal functionality. Our dedicated team will meticulously clean the traps, perform any required repairs, and provide installation services specifically tailored for commercial kitchens. By opting for our grease trap cleaning and maintenance services, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Regular Maintenance Schedule: Our team of experts will establish a consistent timetable for grease trap cleaning and maintenance to proactively prevent issues and ensure continuous functionality.
  • Thorough Cleaning and Repair Services: We will efficiently eliminate oil and grease buildup from the traps and promptly address any necessary repairs to maintain optimal working conditions.
  • Effective Rodding and Jetting Techniques: In the case of stubborn clogs, we employ advanced rodding and jetting methods to effectively remove blockages from the traps.
  • Detailed Inspection Reports: With each visit, we provide comprehensive inspection reports that provide a detailed overview of the grease trap condition, allowing you to stay informed about their performance.
  • Comprehensive History Records: Our system maintains meticulous records of all repairs and maintenance activities carried out on your grease traps. This enables us to anticipate future maintenance needs, promptly address any issues, and prevent potential problems from escalating.
  • 24/7 Emergency Cleanup Services: We understand the urgency of grease trap backups. Our dedicated team is available round the clock to provide emergency cleanup services, ensuring minimal damage and disruptions in your kitchen.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards: We ensure that your grease traps comply with all local and state regulations, allowing you to meet all relevant requirements and maintain compliance.

Restaurant Grease Disposal Containers

Proper equipment for handling and storing cooking oil is vital in commercial kitchens, ensuring a safe working environment and reducing risks such as spills, burns, and injuries. At Mahoney Environmental, we understand the importance of reliable cooking oil handling equipment.


Our installation services are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. Our equipment range includes portable filter machines and commercial grease disposal containers, which streamline the cooking oil handling process. We offer installation services for various automated cooking oil handling systems, including:

  • Direct Connect Recycler System: With a simple lever turn or switch flip, effortlessly transfer used cooking oil for a seamless and efficient process from the fryer to our equipment.
  • Indoor System: Our indoor system features a dedicated indoor storage tank with pipelines extending and connecting to the fryers. The UCO filtration process involves utilizing a portable filter machine.
  • Heated Outdoor Bulk Containers: Equipped with a filtering screen, anti-theft locks, and level sensors, these containers accurately monitor oil levels. The added benefit of heat ensures optimal oil storage conditions, even in colder climates.

We offer the following commercial grease storage containers for foodservice businesses:

  • ClearView 200
  • Metro SecureTrack® (MST)
  • SecureTrack® (ST)
  • MEC-400 Gallon Inside Storage Tank
  • MEC-600 Gallon Outside Storage Tank
  • Direct Connection® 48
  • Direct Connection® 72 w/ CO2 Enclosure

Call Your Austin Oil Recycler – Mahoney Environmental

Mahoney Environmental is a leading provider of UCO-related solutions for foodservice establishments in the Austin, TX area. Our expertise includes efficient fryer oil disposal recycling, thorough restaurant grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and professional installation of grease disposal containers.

To learn more about our extensive range of services, feel free to reach out to us at (800) 893-9392.

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