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In a busy kitchen, cooking oil plays an essential role, being used extensively in a wide range of culinary processes. Commercial kitchens, in particular, rely on substantial volumes of cooking oil to meet their cooking demands. Handling and storage of this essential ingredient is imperative to ensure both kitchen efficiency and sustainability. Foodservice businesses must be mindful not to simply dispose of used cooking oil after its initial use. Instead, it should be stored for recycling to turn it into a valuable resource rather than waste. To facilitate this process, licensed professionals offer restaurant grease pickup services.

Mahoney Environmental is a licensed provider of restaurant grease pickup and recycling services for foodservice businesses in Louisville, KY. Our services encompass a broad spectrum of foodservice businesses, including bars, restaurants, hotels, ghost kitchens, shared kitchens, universities, and grocery stores, among others. When you collaborate with our team of experts, you can rest assured that your used cooking oil will be picked up on a regular basis and efficiently recycled.

Fryer Oil Disposal and Recycling Services

Cooking oil can be reused in fryers several times before needing disposal. Once it’s no longer in use, it’s important to store it in a dedicated tank until you arrange a pickup for recycling. Efficiently storing used cooking oil and scheduling regular pickups for fryer oil recycling is essential not only to minimize the risk of oil spills and injuries, but also to promote sustainability and environmental protection. To guarantee that your used cooking oil is consistently collected and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, consider teaming up with a professional recycler, like Mahoney Environmental.

At Mahoney Environmental, we collaborate with foodservice businesses, offering top-notch fryer oil disposal and recycling services. Our process involves collecting used oil from your tanks and transporting it to our recycling facility. What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring our fryer oil recycling services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our dedicated professionals handle the transfer of your used cooking oil onto our trucks, ensuring a smooth and secure process. Regularly picking up your used cooking oil will not only promote a safe working environment in your kitchen, but also result in reduced frying costs.

Mahoney Environmental is licensed by the EPA to provide fryer oil recycling services. Additionally, we also supply and install cooking oil handling equipment to ensure the safe and proper management of oil in your establishment. Every bit of cooking oil we collect from you is accurately documented, and we transport it to our recycling facility, where it is used in the production of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and various other sustainable products.

We provide the following as a part of our fryer oil recycling services:

  • Continuous monitoring of used cooking oil levels in the tanks.
  • Prompt pickup of used fryer oil.
  • Secure transport and recycling of used fryer oil.
  • Installation of cooking oil handling equipment and storage tanks as needed.

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation

Properly functional grease traps are essential in all commercial kitchens. They play a crucial role in preventing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the drainage system. When FOG materials find their way into the drains, they can cause significant damage to the plumbing and sewage systems and pose a threat to the natural environment. Additionally, it’s important to note that disposing of oil down the drain can result in fines, as it goes against city ordinances.

Grease traps function with a system of baffles that segregate fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from the water. These FOG substances naturally float to the surface and are trapped within these systems. You must get these traps cleaned on a regular basis because a buildup of grease and oil can result in blockages, leading to a range of issues.

When the traps become full or clogged, several problems can ensue, including:

  • Unpleasant smell
  • Risk of flooded kitchen
  • Potential health hazards
  • Shutdown of business
  • Fines and penalties
  • Expensive restoration and cleanup services

Mahoney Environmental delivers top-notch grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions, where we thoroughly clean out the traps and provide necessary maintenance and repairs. Our qualified team excels in the installation of grease traps within commercial kitchens. When you choose our grease trap cleaning and maintenance services, you can expect the following:

  • Regular Maintenance: Our experienced team will provide scheduled grease trap cleaning and maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and effectively.
  • Cleaning and Repairs: We will thoroughly clean out the oil and remove grease from the traps. Moreover, we will perform any necessary repairs to ensure their functionality.
  • Rodding and Jetting: For stubborn clogs, we use rodding and jetting techniques to effectively clear the traps.
  • Inspection Reports: With each visit, you’ll receive an inspection report detailing the condition of your grease traps.
  • History Reports: We maintain a comprehensive history of repairs and maintenance, allowing us to anticipate your needs and proactively address issues before they escalate.
  • Emergency 24/7 Cleanup: Our around-the-clock emergency cleanup services are accessible to prevent kitchen damage in the event of grease trap backups.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We’ll ensure that your grease traps are working correctly, helping you adhere to local and state regulations.

Restaurant Grease Disposal Containers

In commercial kitchens, it’s essential to have the right equipment for safely handling and storing cooking oil. This will ensure a safer working environment and reduce the risk of spills, burns, and injuries. At Mahoney Environmental, we offer installation services for cooking oil handling equipment, including frying oil filter machines and commercial grease disposal containers. Our automated systems make cooking oil management easier, which includes the following:

  • Direct Connection: The Direct Connection Recycler System connects fryers directly to the storage tanks. A key benefit of this is that you can transfer used cooking oil effortlessly by turning a lever or flipping a switch.
  • Indoor System: Our indoor system includes a dedicated storage tank with pipelines connecting to the fryers. The used cooking oil is filtered using a portable filter machine.
  • Heated Outdoor Bulk Container: Installed outdoors, these insulated containers come with a screen to filter the oil, anti-theft locks, and level sensors to monitor UCO levels.

We offer a variety of commercial grease storage containers, including:

  • ClearView 200
  • Metro SecureTrack® (MST)
  • SecureTrack® (ST)
  • MEC-400 Gallon Inside Storage Tank
  • MEC-600 Gallon Outside Storage Tank
  • Direct Connection® 48
  • Direct Connection© 72 w/CO2 Enclosure

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Mahoney Environmental is your dedicated professional oil recycling service provider located in Louisville, KY. We take pride in delivering a range of essential services such as fryer oil disposal and recycling, restaurant grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and the installation of cooking oil handling systems tailored to meet the needs of foodservice businesses.

To know more about our services and how we can assist your business, call us at (800) 893-9392 or fill out our contact form.

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