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The Environmental Impact of Working with Mahoney

Environmental sustainability is a priority at Mahoney Environmental. We implement a range of carefully developed strategies intended to preserve natural resources and protect the planet. Our goals drive our company culture and how we provide services. The environmental impact of working with Mahoney is considerable.

How oil management systems help cooking oil recycling?

Food waste from the restaurant industry contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, eight percent of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by restaurant food waste. Cooking oil is one type of food waste—one that is generated in large amounts by restaurants.

Restaurants across the nation are legally required to recycle their cooking oil. Automated oil management systems are one of the most effective ways to recycle a restaurant’s cooking oil. The need to transfer hot oil waste to and from storage areas and then to fryers is eliminated via this process.

An immediate benefit is the reduction of oil usage and spend. An equally important environmental impact of using the automated oil management systems is that the process reduces the overwhelming amounts of plastic and cardboard packaging currently overloading the landfills.

What are the environmental hazards of used cooking oil disposal?

Failing to recycle used cooking oil can cause significant damage to the environment. Cooking oil that is thrown out may coat plants, causing them to suffocate and die. Aquatic life can perish when oil enters the water. The environment becomes polluted with the offensive odors released by cooking oil.

The food supply chain would become adversely impacted if the disposal of cooking oil were to be unregulated. Discarding cooking oil can diminish the ability of plants and animals to reproduce. When the sustainability of plant and animal life is affected, the food supply chain undergoes negative repercussions.

How does Mahoney recycle used cooking oil?

One of the core responsibilities of crews at Mahoney Environmental is to recycle used cooking oil in eco-friendly ways. Our specialists collect the used cooking oil from restaurants using special equipment that is designed to safely and cleanly transport the product.

All incoming oil goes through rugged screening to remove contaminants. The used cooking oil is heated to eliminate any remaining fine particles. The oil is transferred to heated settling tanks where the water and emulsion undergo a separation process from the fryer oil.

Once the water is removed from the emulsion, farmlands benefit from the organic fertilizer produced. The conversion process involved in our wastewater treatment operation is how organic compounds are turned into carbon dioxide and methane. Oils from the emulsion process are separated.

After the oils are separated out, the finished oils are transported into tanks, tested for quality, and shipped to customers. Our recycled oils are pure, since they are fully tested at every phase of our process for contaminants, such as Salmonella, pesticides, and toxic materials.

What are the environmental benefits of Mahoney’s cooking oil recycling program?

Almost all of our collected cooking oil is distributed as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel production. Our recycling efforts help protect the environment, especially considering the renewable fuels from used cooking oil reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86 percent(compared to petro-diesel).

The renewable fuels produced as a result of our efficient processes, which do not produce carbon monoxide, helps communities reduce their carbon footprint. Offsetting petroleum and reducing carbon emissions are powerful advantages of renewable fuel production, and these benefits spur trucks to use renewable diesel.

Furthermore, Mahoney Environmental services help keep used cooking oil out of the water supply—and this contributes to a greener environment. Oil haphazardly poured down the drain by restaurant employees blocks plumbing systems, clogs sewer lines, and pollutes the water supply.

The plastic and cardboard containers that hold used cooking oil are another source of waste. Recycling the oil with Mahoney Environmental automated oil management solutions, however, means that restaurants can schedule fewer trash pickups and keep these materials out of landfills.

By recycling used cooking oil with our company, restaurant establishments can eliminate tens of millions of plastic and cardboard containers from landfills. In turn, this saves millions of cubic feet of landfill space. The environmental benefit of avoiding disposing tens of thousands of pounds of trash is great.

Minimizing oil waste by participating in the cooking oil recycling programs at Mahoney Environmental maximizes the benefits to the natural environment. Preventing wasted oil can also reduce the high energy and labor costs associated with discarding food products, like cooking oil.

Recycling used cooking oil goes even further to help protect the environment. Reusing the cooking oil strengthens infrastructures and creates jobs. The oil recycling industry employs thousands of workers, who thereby support local economies and develop and promote innovative, eco-friendly strategies.

Mahoney Used Cooking Oil Recycling

When restaurant owners choose to work with Mahoney Environmental, they not only have access to reliable cooking oil collections and deliveries, but they engage in sustainability measures. Our services transform used cooking oil into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), polymers to create plastics, and other products.

Restaurants of all sizes are urged to consider Mahoney Environmental to collect and recycle used cooking oil. Since not one size fits all, our programs can be customized to meet your restaurant’s unique needs. Flexible scheduling, on-time pickups and deliveries, and professional crews are incentives.

In addition to cooking oil recycling and fresh oil deliveries, Mahoney Environmental offers several other services to meet the rigors and demands of today’s busy restaurants. Our specialists provide commercial grease trap maintenance and cooking oil equipment installation and design services.

Work with Mahoney Environmental and support your restaurant’s eco-friendly values. Our specialists are available to service restaurants and food establishments across the nation including Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC and surrounding areas . Contact us at (800) 892-9392 give your restaurant the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.

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