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Mahoney Environmental to Celebrate National Rendering Day – April 21

Joliet, IL, April 20, 2023 – Mahoney Environmental will celebrate the first annual National Rendering Day on April 21, 2023. The North American Renderers Association (NARA), the industry association representing Mahoney Environmental and other renderers issued a proclamation to mark this important National Day.

The date of April 21st was specifically chosen to fall on the day before Earth Day (April 22) to represent the sustainable nature of the rendering industry and its contributions to food waste reduction and environmental protection.

Mahoney Environmental is pleased to see the rendering industry get some well-deserved recognition for its role in producing America’s food, feed, and fuel. Mahoney Environmental employs about 500 people across the nation who take pride in the work they do to feed and fuels our local economy, while also caring for the environment.

Mahoney Environmental plans to celebrate National Rendering Day with its employees by continuing the conversation in the communities we serve about our positive environmental impact, and how we strive to make the planet safer for future generations.

About Rendering

North Americans consider roughly 50% of an animal to be inedible. This leaves a lot of leftover material that ends up as food waste. Rendering reclaims this otherwise wasted material, such as protein, bone, and fat, and even includes used cooking oil (UCO) from restaurants. The rendering process safely, hygienically, and sustainably processes that unused material (the meat we don’t eat) into new products and goods so nothing is wasted. When we render material, we process it in a safe, hygienic, and sustainable manner. In addition, we convert what would have been food waste into material for use in a multitude of new products such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. In short, rendering is recycling.

Rendering also demonstrates respect and resourcefulness for the livestock that were raised with care by farmers. In fact, rendering shows respect for the animal itself by using every part of the animal so nothing goes to waste. Additionally, by offsetting the environmental impacts of animal agriculture through rendering, we shrink our food production footprint.


By celebrating National Rendering Day on April 21st, we bring awareness to the act of reducing and eliminating food waste through rendering. On National Rendering Day we urge the larger community to learn more about what rendering means, how the rendering process works, and why using rendered products is the sustainable choice for consumers.

National Rendering Day is also a great way to show appreciation for those in the rendering industry and to recognize and celebrate rendering’s many environmental benefits, and its important role in reducing food waste and overall sustainability.

Learn more about rendering at and join NARA in spreading the word about this important day by sharing National Rendering Day with your social network using the hashtag #NationalRenderingDay.


About the North American Renderers Association

The North American Renderers Association (NARA) represents the interests of the North American rendering industry to regulatory and other governmental agencies, promotes the greater use of animal byproducts, and fosters the opening and expansion of trade between foreign buyers and North American exporters. In addition to its U.S.-based headquarters, the association maintains offices in Mexico and Hong Kong, and has market consultants in strategic locations around the world. NARA publishes a bi-monthly trade magazine, Render. For more information, visit

About Mahoney Environmental

Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental® has helped foodservice companies turn used cooking oil and other waste products into useful products. Mahoney controls the entire recycling process—from equipment set-up to collection, to processing, to finished product to capture more value from used oils and pass that added value on to restaurant operators and the environment.

Mahoney Environmental® is a licensed EPA recycler, and all their facilities can recycle nearly 100% of the materials processed. Mahoney’s goal is to be the premier back-of-the-house service provider to foodservice operators nationwide — from national and regional chains to independent restaurants to airports throughout the United States. In 2020, Mahoney Environmental was acquired by Neste (NESTE.HE), the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, and developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge.

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