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Mahoney is Part of Historic Opening

Mahoney Is Part Of Historic Opening

Preferred Oil and Mahoney Environmental are excited to be a part of a historical day for Shorewood, Illinois with the opening of Joliet's famed Chicken-N-Spice! Our team was their first customer of what turned out to be the first of…

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Safety – Handling Hot Oil

Safety – Handling Hot Oil

Employee Safety - Handling Hot Oil: Everyone makes mistakes. But to take shortcuts around proven safety steps when handling cooking oils can be extremely dangerous. Because the temperatures inside deep fryers may reach up to 600°F, bad things can and…

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Due to Hurricane, Operations May Be Delayed

Due To Hurricane, Operations May Be Delayed

With Hurricane Florence heading towards coastal states, Mahoney Environmental has pushed oil pick up and grease trap routes scheduled for this week into next week - at the soonest. The entire coast line of South Carolina is already on mandatory evacuation,…

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Looking Under the Hood at Biodiesel

Looking Under The Hood At Biodiesel

A Biodiesel Case Study by Renewable Energy Group (REG) As a diesel technician with 15 years’ experience, Joe Siadak knows truck engines well. But biodiesel taught him something new. When Mahoney Environmental, where he is lead technician, decided to run…

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How to Prevent Kitchen Grease Theft

How To Prevent Kitchen Grease Theft

Not many people outside of the restaurant business are aware of how big of a problem the theft of used cooking oil really is. Famous robber Willie Sutton once said that he robbed banks because that’s where the money is.…

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Community is what it’s all about for Mahoney.

Community Is What It’s All About For Mahoney.

Community is what it's all about for Mahoney/WOR in Modena Pennsylvania. Every year, our wonderful customer Goose Creek comes out to do a cooking demo using fresh produce from our community garden. This year was no different. Chef Kevin Coley…

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Fleet Finds All the Right Reasons to Use Biodiesel

Fleet Finds All The Right Reasons To Use Biodiesel

Mahoney Environmental has long worked with the biodiesel industry. Now its own fleet is taking advantage of the fuel’s many benefits. Mahoney Environmental has a very good business reason to support biodiesel: It collects used cooking oil from restaurants and…

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