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Types of Commercial Used Cooking Oil Containers

Most commercial kitchens would not be able to operate without cooking oil for their fryers.  When foodservice establishments use cooking oil, it is important that the oil is handled properly from the time it arrives until it is picked up…

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How to Transport Used Cooking Oil

How To Transport Used Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is a staple in any commercial kitchen that uses fryers to prepare food.  It is also a substance that must be handled carefully because it can cause severe burns if mishandled when hot, and cooking oil spills can…

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What Do Restaurants Do with Grease?

What Do Restaurants Do With Grease

Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) are the backbone of restaurant kitchens. French fries are dunked into cooking oil and fried until they are a golden crisp. Airborne grease from frying hamburgers gets stuck to the ventilation hood. Restaurants are in…

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