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Mahoney Environmental Acquires Eco-Collections Services


Joliet, IL – May 21, 2015 – Mahoney Environmental, a leading recycler of cooking oil for over 60 years, announced that it has purchased Eco-Collections Services, an used cooking oil recycling company based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The integration…

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Mahoney Environmental Names Sabol New President

Joliet, Illinois (September 19, 2013) Mahoney Environmental®, a leading recycler of cooking oil for 60 years, has announced that Rick Sabol, formerly Vice President- Corporate Sales, has been named the company’s president, effective immediately. John Mahoney, son of the company’s…

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Soaring Grease Theft: How To Stop It

Grease Theft

The numbers are staggering. Double the incidents of grease theft nationwide in the last decade alone. More than $39 million in lost revenue to firms being targeted. Over $3 million in damaged restaurant equipment due to the robberies. Though police…

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Mahoney in ‘Render Magazine’

Mahoney Environmental® is making headlines with the newly adopted theft prevention program. Render magazine interviewed Dan Gilbert, Mahoney’s Chief Investigator, for an in depth look at the world of Used Cooking Oil theft. Mahoney is now proactively fighting theft like…

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Used Cooking Oil Fueling Fighter Jets

Used Cooking Oil is now being used as jet fuel. Yes, jet fuel. The U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Navy have partnered to embrace Cooking Oil as a fuel for their USS Nimitz fleet. This article from, ‘The Navy’s…

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