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December 2018

Midwest Transportation Fleet Turns to Renewable Diesel

Mahoney Environmental collects used cooking oil from restaurants and sells it to renewable fuel producers to be made into renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. The greater the demand for renewable diesel, the greater the demand for its services. But that’s not why the Illinois-based company runs its 160-truck fleet on renewable diesel. Instead, it’s the performance, financial and environmental benefits the company receives from the renewable fuel.

“At the end of the day, there’s not a lot of argument to be made against using renewable diesel,” said Jeff Corbin, the company’s Director of Maintenance and Fleet

Mahoney Environmental has restaurant customers in all 50 states, picking up used cooking oil, servicing grease traps, providing proprietary equipment for cooking oil handling, and in certain markets, delivering fresh oil. Corbin’s job is to make sure that its full fleet of Class 7 and Class 88 trucks are in good running condition on any given day. So even though his employer is connected to the renewable diesel industry, if the fuel didn’t perform, he wouldn’t use it.

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