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Sustainability in Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking oil is a staple in commercial kitchens as many food service establishments have a steady supply of fresh cooking oil continually being delivered to ensure that they are never out.  This also means that food service establishments have plenty of used cooking oil that needs to be removed from their premises and recycled.

The proper removal of used cooking oil from restaurants is important because cooking oil can be dangerous for the natural environment if disposed of improperly.  You should never wash cooking oil down the drain because the oil will solidify and cause clogs in the drainage system.  It can also cause damage to the municipal sewer system if it makes it that far.  There are laws against disposing of cooking oil in this way and if your establishment violates these laws, you could be faced with hefty fines.

The best way to ensure proper cooking oil disposal is to work with a professional that provides used cooking oil pickup and recycling like Mahoney Environmental.  Our professionals can safely remove the used cooking oil from your storage containers and transport it to a plant where it can be recycled and repurposed as biofuel and agricultural feed.  We can set up regularly scheduled pickups for cooking oil recycling and even monitor storage containers fitted with sensors to make sure we pick up the used cooking oil before your containers get too full.

Cooking Oil Recycling Protects the Environment

Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental has been committed to providing responsible cooking oil recycling to help protect our planet.  We are a licensed EPA oil recycler and we make sure that nearly 100 percent of the used cooking oil we pick up is recycled and used for the production of environmentally friendly products, including biofuels.

Biofuels are types of transportation fuel made from biological materials.  Used cooking oil is one such material that can be recycled and repurposed in the production of biofuels including biodiesel.  Biofuels are much safer for the environment than petroleum fuels produced from crude oil as they emit much lower levels of air pollutants.  Use of biofuels as a substitute for petroleum fuels will help cut down on air pollution and reduce our dependence on crude oil.

At Mahoney Environmental, we are not only committed to making your kitchen a safer place with efficient used cooking oil pickup services, but also to creating a healthier natural environment for future generations by turning harmful used cooking oil into environmentally friendly products.

How Mahoney Environmental and our Clients Profit from Cooking Oil Recycling

Through Mendota Agri-Products, we are involved in the entire cooking oil recycling process.  Mahoney Environmental controls the equipment set up, collection and processing of the oil, and production of the new product, whether it be biodiesel or agricultural feed.  This allows us to get value from the used cooking oil and we pass this value to our customers in the foodservice industry which helps improve their bottom line.

Benefits of Cooking Oil Recycling

The demand for green products that are produced with used cooking oil, such as biofuels and agricultural feed, has been rising.  This not only helps the environment, but also your bottom line as the value we get from the used cooking oil gets passed on to you.

The following are the positive benefits of cooking oil recycling:

  • For every 8 pounds of fat and oils that are recycled, one gallon of biodiesel fuel is produced. These yields can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Cooking oil recycling helps reduce disposal of cooking oil into landfills which can be harmful to the environment.
  • Less cooking oil will be dumped into the municipal sewer system and water treatment facilities.
  • Cooking oil recycling relieves the burden used cooking oil in landfills and water treatment facilities can have on taxpayers.
  • Cooking oil recycling reduces our carbon footprint as 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide produced by the cooking oil recycling process removes over 7 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the natural environment.

Why Work with Mahoney Environmental for Cooking Oil Recycling

Working with our professionals to ensure your cooking oil is recycled will help protect the environment and your business and improve the profitability of your establishment.  There are many regulations regarding the use and disposal of cooking oil and if your restaurant is not in compliance, you may be given hefty fines.  Staying in compliance with these regulations will save your establishment money in fines and give off a better impression of your business.

If you are in need of used cooking oil recycling services for your establishment, talk to our professionals at Mahoney Environmental.  We will understand your cooking oil needs and create a schedule to pick up your used cooking oil on a regular basis.

You can reach Mahoney Environmental by calling (800) 892-9392.

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