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Giving Back to Those in Need

Giving back not only makes an impact for those in need, but it also strengthens communities and inspires those around us. Today was a reminder to many of us here at Mahoney Environmental how fortunate we are and how simple it can be to give back to our communities by lending a helping hand.

Many Mahoney employees spent the morning at the Northern Illinois Food Bank, helping prepare foods for those who may not be as fortunate or may be going through hardships at this time. The mission of the food bank is to end hunger at a national level. It was a great morning for all those who participated, and we felt the effects of paying it forward.

The Mahoney team worked together, laughed together, shared stories, and all got to know each other a bit better – all in the name of a great cause. 

In just a few short hours, Mahoney was able to help pack up over 15,000 pounds of food, providing 12,973 meals for residents of Northern Illinois.

We are reminded through the beauty of the holiday season that there are so many ways we can give back to those in need or for causes close to our hearts. Don’t let the holidays be the only time we help those less fortunate, but let’s use it as a stepping stone to start that ball rolling and help more! There isn’t much that feels better than helping those who may not be able to help themselves or are down on their luck. Volunteering makes a difference in your town, your state, your country – and the world.

Thank you to the Northern Illinois Food Bank for this opportunity. We sincerely hope we made a sliver of a difference today. We will be back!

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