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How Mahoney Environmental is Involved in a Circular Economy

A healthier planet is the direct outcome of a circular economy, and Mahoney Environmental is involved in such a notable endeavor. Rather than contribute to a linear economy, where natural resources are wasted, Mahoney Environmental takes steps to produce economic growth without adding to waste.

We are a throwaway society, where natural resources are being depleted at accelerating rates. Consequently, businesses that rely on the existing ecosystem are slowly being degraded. Companies, like Mahoney Environmental, have started to see the benefits of a circular economy.

As the global population continues to grow, the demand for raw materials grows proportionately. However, the supply of these raw materials is limited. Without a smart strategy, the extraction of raw materials contributes to CO2 emissions and increased energy consumption.

What are the benefits of a circular economy?

A circular economy is highly restorative. The system relies on initially using the fewest resources, recirculating those resources for as long as possible, mining out as much value from the given resources and finally recovering the materials at the end of their useful life.

The circular economy provides incredible environmental, social, and economic opportunities. Businesses are beginning to leverage these advantages, while ensuring they remain profitable. As more companies become involved in moving toward a circular economy model, the global benefits will be monumental.

For example, by 2025, shifting toward a circular economy will generate $1 trillion per year in economic value. At least 100,000 new jobs would directly result, giving the economy a boost. Lastly, over the next five years, the circular economy would prevent 100 million tons of waste.

By design, a circular economy framework relies on both biological and technical material flows. Biological materials are returned to the food system to rebuild natural capital. Technical materials are resourcefully preserved in the production loop without losing quality or value.

The transition to a circular economy will not happen overnight. However, global industries are shifting toward this new paradigm milestone by milestone and slowly building efficiency-driven strategies. Some initiatives are advanced, while others are just emerging. Most importantly, the gradual move toward a circular economy is underway.

How does Mahoney Environmental contribute?

Mahoney Environmental is one of countless companies around the world that are aiming to improve societal, economic, and environmental conditions by becoming involved in a circular economy. Mahoney Environmental provides essential services to thousands of commercial kitchens across the country.

Mahoney Environmental, a company that regularly picks up used cooking oil from kitchens in restaurants, stadiums, hotels, and airports, has joined Neste. Neste is in the business of upcycling carbon molecules found in used cooking oil and grease and turning them into renewable fuels.

Renewable diesel that is used as sustainable aviation fuel for planes and trucks, and renewable polymers for the plastics manufacturing industry are made from waste materials, like used cooking oil. Utilizing these renewable fuels helps reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

Mahoney Environmental contributes to Neste’s efforts to continually recycle existing carbon molecules by providing the latter with substantial and regular access to used cooking oil. Mahoney Environmental collections of used cooking oil are significant, as technicians know how to pre-treat and safely collect it.

Kitchens in stadiums, restaurants and hotels create three billion gallons of used cooking oil annually. In our current linear system, much of the cooking oil is dumped down the drain and goes to waste. But turning used cooking oil into sustainable fuels is essential to help the economy and environment.

Mahoney Environmental plays a pivotal role in reducing the carbon footprint. As the company continues to grow, so does its supply of used cooking oil. The cooking oil can then be turned into renewable fuel.

The cycle supports green jobs and helps keep businesses running.

Used cooking oils are highly sought after, especially as the world’s energy sources continue to decline. Recycled cooking oil produces renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels, for which demand is also high, and has significant economic potential. Mahoney Environmental is tapping into that potential.

Being a key player in the global shift toward an increasingly circular economy is incredibly rewarding for the teams at Mahoney Environmental. The company transforms restaurant oil waste into potential profit—and that profit results from strategically and environmentally friendly processes.

The entire cooking oil recycling process is controlled by Mahoney Environmental to ensure that the value is captured and passed on to the customer. The innumerable eco-friendly benefits, including the preservation of the environment, are not the only values the company produces.

Customers also comply with governmental regulations when they choose Mahoney Environmental to pick up their kitchens’ used cooking oil. Commercial kitchen waste is then converted into useful products. As an added economic incentive, Mahoney Environmental offers its customers restaurant rebates.

Mahoney Environmental collects not only used cooking oil but also fryer oiland grease trap material. These waste products are turned into raw materials that are utilized in the manufacture of new products, such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Used cooking oil collection

When you choose to work with Mahoney Environmental to pick up your used cooking oil, you are indirectly contributing to a more circular economy. Our countless satisfied customers include commercial kitchens in higher education, casinos, hotels, grocery stores, stadiums, and restaurants.

Not only does Mahoney Environmental pick up used cooking oil on a timely basis, but we also deliver fresh cooking oil to your commercial kitchen. Mahoney Environmental offers a Preferred Oil Program, a full service that includes oil usage reporting, automated inventory, and cost-effective storage.

As a part of our comprehensive services, Mahoney Environmental maintains commercial kitchen grease traps. We are available to schedule regular grease trap maintenance, which includes trap cleaning and repair, rodding, an inspection report, a history report, and emergency 24/7 cleanup.

A successful commercial kitchen depends on a reliable cooking oil pickup service. Choose Mahoney Environmental for all your kitchen needs, and, at the same time, do your part in preserving the environment. We proudly serve kitchens across the nation. Call us today at 800-892-9392 for more information.

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