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How Used Cooking Oil Collection Saves You Money

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In a previous article I discussed why you need a company to collect your cooking oil. There are plenty of reasons to do that but the main one is that having a professional company to collect your waste oil saves you money. How is that possible?

You save on containers – if you do your own oil collection you’ll need to buy containers and that can be expensive. You are far better off investing your money in something your restaurant customers can see – ambience, utensils and not on something that’s stuck in the back of the building.

What’s more, you have to maintain the containers, so they look well. When pouring the oil in it’s inevitable that some of it will spill on the ground and the container.

Some of the kitchen workers will need to take care of that which means they won’t be able to do what they were hired for – prepare delicious food for restaurant patrons.

When you choose to work with a used cooking oil collection and recycling company they not only would provide containers free of charge and but will maintain them so the area you store them is spotless because there’s nothing turning customers off more than filthy restaurant.

Let’s backtrack for a moment. The used oil is transferred from the fryer to the caddy and emptied into the containers. What happens is that some of that oil gets spilled on the floor or drips on the floor while being taken out.

What if an employee was to slip and fall? You are responsible for that and you could get sued. And do you really have the time and money for that.

But even if you didn’t the employee would have to take time off work and disrupt your operations (you’ll have to pay someone else overtime to cover).

Another way to potentially save money is to use with a company that not only collects the oil used in your kitchen for frying but also delivers fresh cooking oil.

Because they want to keep you as a client as long as possible they would offer you a very attractive price on oil simply because they buy in bulk and pass on the savings to your business.

What’s more some of them can actually make a custom blend to fit your needs (in some parts of the US during winter temperatures drop so low that oil freezes) and that’s a big deal for some restaurants because that was they won’t have to discard oil that’s hasn’t been used but has gone bed.

Hopefully, by now, you’re able to see that working with a reputable used restaurant kitchen oil collector and recycler can actually save you money both directly and indirectly and you can pass the saving onto your patrons.

Word of caution, though, not all companies that collect and recycle oil are created equal – some are better than others. To avoid the dups there are a few things that you need to know.

To find out more check my next article on what to look for when choosing a company to collect and recycle your cooking oil.

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