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Everyone Profits From Recycling

Preserving a cleaner planet

Mahoney Environmental has been a licensed EPA recycler for over 65 years. Mahoney is committed to making our planet more livable through responsible recycling. At our facilities we are able to transform nearly 100% of the materials we process into useful products that help the environment. By taking yellow grease and turning it into green solutions, we’re helping ensure that harmful waste products do no harm to future generations while generating profits for today’s restaurant operations.

Mahoney makes recycling easy

With our sister company, Mendota Agri-Products, Mahoney Environmental controls every step in the recycling process. From equipment set-up, to used oil collection and recycling, to finished product – Mahoney is able to capture more value from used oils and pass that added value on to you. It’s all part of the Mahoney mission to keep the world’s environment safe, and the kitchen environment safer.

Finding value in renewable resources

Demand is skyrocketing for renewable products of used cooking oil such as bio-fuels and agricultural feed supplements. That’s good for your bottom line – and for the environment. Here are just a few ways foodservice recycling is having a positive effect on the environment:

  • Existing renewable diesel technology yields a gallon of fuel for each 8 pounds of fat. That adds up to enough energy to make us less dependent on foreign oil.
  • Foodservice recycling reduces the impact of disposing used cooking oil and other organic waste materials into landfills
  • Reduces the amount of waste discharged into municipal water treatment facilities
  • Helps taxpayers avoid the oppressive burden of dealing with overflowing landfills and water treatment facilities
  • Reduces our carbon footprint: for each metric ton of CO2 produced by operating recycling plants, more than 7 metric tons of CO2 are removed from the environment.

Being a good corporate citizen

Government regulation surrounding the disposal of restaurant waste has never been more stringent. Compliance with this growing list of regulations is not only critical to your business, but it can also be seen as a positive benefit for your customers and employees.

Recycling is a win-win for restaurants

Mahoney Environmental would be happy to set up a free audit of your restaurant operations. Call us at 1-800-892-9392 to set up an appointment. Or visit us on the web at:

Mahoney improves your bottom line and the environment

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