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Employee Spotlight – Patrick Darin

Welcome to the Employee Spotlight

Mahoney Environmental is in its fourth week of our new feature called the ‘Employee Spotlight’. It’s our way to reflect on and draw positive attention to the most important assets  of Mahoney – its employees! A functioning business cannot function without a solid team in place, and we are extra proud of that team.

Twice monthly, an employee at Mahoney will be nominated and featured in this ‘spotlight’. This week, Patrick Darin, Project Manager for Equipment Installations is interviewed.

Thanks for your time, Patrick!

What is your role at the company? How long have you been with Mahoney, and what position did you start at?

P: Project Manager of MES (Mahoney Equipment Solutions) Equipment Installations. My 9-year anniversary is coming up in July. My first position was an admin assistant in the “Direct Connection” Equipment department under the guidance & leadership of Bill Mega.

How do you balance your career at Mahoney with family life?

P: I remain focused & driven to complete my daily tasks & responsibilities while I’m at the office so that I can enjoy time with family & friends outside of the office after hours & on the weekends.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Mahoney, whose job would you want?

P: Adan Magana – I admire his extreme wealth of knowledge on MES equipment as well as his dedication to complete & total customer satisfaction

What do you like most about Mahoney?

P: Working closely with the MES Team, we all support one another with the end goal of success in mind. Also, being involved with the equipment helps keep me on my toes as there is always something new & exciting on the horizon or in development.

What is on your wish list for the next five years at ME?

P: To expand our MES equipment install network capabilities to execute jobs more quickly to generate UCO volume & with confidence that they are done to our high standards that would make Joe Petrusha proud..

What has been your favorite project that you worked on here at Mahoney?

P: The Buffalo Wild Wings Retrofit Equipment Roll-Out was a challenging task that required support from multiple departments. Seeing everyone step up to the plate & hit a home run for one of our VIP customers made me proud to be part of something so special.

What drew you to Mahoney when you initially started? And how has the company changed since then?

P: Being part of a small, family owned company I had a voice that was acknowledged & was able to make a difference in daily operations. Yes, we have grown since then (& hopefully will continue to grow), but the family atmosphere is still present to this day.

Before working at Mahoney, what was the most interesting or unusual job you had?

P: I worked at a movie theatre in town for just over 15 years with various tasks from selling popcorn/pop/nachos/hot dogs in the concession stand, tickets in the box office, cleaning theatres after movies were done, & operated & maintained the 35mm film projectors in the booth upstairs. Most all theatres have switched over to digital since then. The last job was by far my favorite being in charge of the movies that people watched below.

Share your proudest moment since coming on board at Mahoney?

P: Difficult to select any one particular favorite. Speaking in generalities: Anytime multiple people/departments can align to solve a complex problem by working together, & get the job done for the customer really makes me happy to be part of the team.

Miscellaneous Questions (non-job related)

Do you have an office nickname?

P: Not that I’m aware of; but I’d love to have a cool nickname around here if anyone has any suggestions. 😊

Do you have a favorite or inspirational quote to share?

P: “Watch out for number one, but don’t step in number two!” – Rodney Dangerfield; Actor, Comedian

Best vacation you have been on?

P: Hopefully the best is still yet to come,… but so far my favorite has been a cross country road trip leaving from Chicago en route to Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, & Denver – All within 8 days’ time.

If you could change careers right now, what would you choose:

P: Meteorologist – I have always had a fascination with the weather since I was a kid. Fear not boss, I don’t plan on making a career change. Haha.

Motto or personal mantra?

P: Laughter is the best medicine for you

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring (assuming basics are provided for you)?

P: My Fiance’ Jen, My cat Tigger, & Jen’s dog Lexie

People would be surprised if they knew what about you?

P: In no particular order of importance: I love movies: comedy, action, or sci-fi. I am a big Star Wars nerd. I even have a Han Solo mini-poster up behind my desk & some miniature diecast Hot Wheels brand models of starships sitting on top of my computer at the office. I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan. I’m getting married this June to my lovely fiancé Jen & couldn’t be happier.

Finally….three words that best describe you?

P: Funny, Organized, Smart


Thank you, Patrick! We appreciate your contribution to this interview AND especially to all you do for Mahoney Environmental!

Want to nominate someone? Email the Director of Marketing directly to submit your nominations: [email protected]. Please title the email “Employee Spotlight Nomination”.

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