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BWW Awards Mahoney with Vendor Excellence

Press Release: Mahoney Environmental Recognized for Vendor Excellence

Joliet, IL, March 17, 2016 – Mahoney Environmental, ( a leading recycler of cooking oil for over 60 years, announced today that it has received the “2015 Vendor of Excellence” award from Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), a leading national restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations in North America. This award was presented to John Mahoney (CEO), Rick Sabol (President), and Sonny Nuccio (National Account Manager) of Mahoney Environmental by Sally Smith (President and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings) and Judy Shoulak (EVP and President of North America Buffalo Wild Wings) at the company’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida.

Each year, Buffalo Wild Wings names Vendors of Excellence, choosing Mahoney Environmental in 2015 for its strategic partnership in supporting BWW’s back-of-the-house operations. Mahoney Environmental currently serves Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants as their preferred vendor in used cooking oil collection and recycling, grease trap services, and grease reclamation equipment. Mahoney Environmental is the only vendor approved by BWW to supply grease reclamation equipment.

Rick Sabol, President of Mahoney Environmental states, “Often our service is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed, so this is a great honor for Mahoney. BWW valued the in-depth work required to design a cooking oil handling system. The equipment was designed for restaurant efficiency and safe oil handling for BWW employees. The system also incorporates oil filtration to maximize its value and keeps the oil warm to ease collection. Being recognized for our service, it makes us proud of what we do every day.”

“We value Mahoney Environmental’s sense of integrity, their equipment, and their ability to execute,” says Valerie Hogan, purchasing manager for Buffalo Wild Wings.

The BWW Vendor of Excellence awards are distributed each year at the company’s annual convention, held this year in Orlando, Florida. Winners are chosen by Buffalo Wild Wings based on feedback from headquarters and franchisees.

About Mahoney Environmental

Mahoney Environmental is a licensed EPA recycler and a leader in used cooking oil collection and recycling. They engineer the most reliable equipment to make back-of-the-house food service operations more efficient and provide the highest level of service. Mahoney Environmental also provides grease trap services to food service operators nationwide, servicing national and regional chains, as well as independent restaurants throughout the United States. Fresh oil programs in select markets are also available through Mahoney Environmental.

Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental has been recycling used cooking oil, grease trap material, and other waste products into materials that are sustainably transformed into products such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels.

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