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What Happens to Your Used Cooking Oil When Mahoney Environmental Removes it from Your Restaurant?

Our commitment to quality begins with how we collect the used cooking oil. Being part of Mahoney Environmental® means that we start with a reliable supply of high quality used cooking oil, collected from restaurants by highly trained specialists using proprietary equipment designed to transport the oil cleanly and safely.

We begin our process by screening incoming material to remove contaminants and then heating the oil to remove fine particles. We then transfer the oil to our heated settling tanks where the water and emulsion are separated from the fryer oil.

The emulsion goes through an evaporator which removes the remaining water. This water goes through our wastewater treatment operation which uses anaerobic respiration to convert organic compounds into carbon dioxide and methane. The water then is used for organic fertilizer for farmland.

Oils and any remaining solids from the emulsion go to a centrifuge, where the oils are separated out.

Finished oil goes to oil tanks that are tested for quality control and shipped to our customers. Our products are screened at each stage of our process for salmonella, BSE, Toxic Substances, PCB and Pesticides. We provide traceability of all materials back to the individual truckload of raw materials

Nearly 100% of the Used Cooking Oil collected and recycled by Mahoney Environmental is sold as a feedstock for bio-diesel and renewable diesel production.

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