Environmental Impact Calculator

The environmental issue

Most restaurants today get their cooking oil delivered in JIBs (jugs in a box). JIBs are a 35 lb. plastic jug wrapped in a cardboard box, filled with your cooking oil. They require significant dry storage space, pose substantial handling risks on greasy kitchen floors and are just plain inconvenient. They also don’t drain completely, making them very inefficient containers. That means your restaurant is throwing out a measurable amount of plastic, cardboard and oil every week all due to JIBs. No wonder JIBs contribute significantly to rising pollution and landfill waste.

The simple solution: Preferred Oil

Preferred Oil® delivered by Mahoney Environmental® eliminates the jugs in a box (JIBS) and, in so doing, help to measurably reduce harm to the planet. It’s the simplest green choice because it eliminates clutter from your restaurant and the environment. In addition, the Mahoney delivery method eliminates oil lost to inefficient packing.

The impact is significant

So how much waste is eliminated by switching from JIBs to Preferred Oil? Use the calculator to find out.

Over 1 year a Preferred Oil customer will eliminate:

1000 JIBs from landfills
1000 landfill costs
1000 lbs plastic waste
1000 lbs cardboard waste
1000 lbs oil lost in JIBs
$1000 saved through more efficient packaging