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How to Transport Used Cooking Oil

How To Transport Used Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is a staple in any commercial kitchen that uses fryers to prepare food.  It is also a substance that must be handled carefully because it can cause severe burns if mishandled when hot, and cooking oil spills can…

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What Do Restaurants Do with Grease?

What Do Restaurants Do With Grease

Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) are the backbone of restaurant kitchens. French fries are dunked into cooking oil and fried until they are a golden crisp. Airborne grease from frying hamburgers gets stuck to the ventilation hood. Restaurants are in…

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Sustainability in Cooking Oil Recycling

Sustainability In Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking oil is a staple in commercial kitchens as many food service establishments have a steady supply of fresh cooking oil continually being delivered to ensure that they are never out.  This also means that food service establishments have plenty…

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Employee Spotlight – Katie Butkus

Welcome to the Employee Spotlight Mahoney Environmental kicks off a new feature this week: the ‘Employee Spotlight’. It’s our way to reflect on and draw positive attention to the most important assets  of Mahoney – its employees! A functioning business…

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National Biodiesel Day Observed on March 18th

Did you know today (March 18) is National BioDiesel Day? Did you know that Mahoney Environmental's fleet also runs on biodiesel? National Biodiesel Day is observed annually on March 18th - the birthday of Rudolph Diesel. Rudolph Diesel invented the…

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Mahoney Hits a Home Run at Wrigley

Mahoney Environmental Develops Custom Waste Oil Disposal for Iconic Stadium What is there to say about Wrigley Field that Chicago area residents don’t already know? Wrigley Field is one of the most iconic stadiums in the U.S. and is deeply…

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