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Understanding Your Grease Trap

Understanding Your Grease Trap Your restaurant's grease trap is a critical component to your food service operation. The more you understand about it, the better. It is also beneficial to understand the roles fats/oils and greases (grease trap waste) play…

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Giving Back to Those in Need

Giving back not only makes an impact for those in need, but it also strengthens communities and inspires those around us. Today was a reminder to many of us here at Mahoney Environmental how fortunate we are and how simple it…

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Everyone Profits From Recycling

Preserving a cleaner planet Mahoney Environmental has been a licensed EPA recycler for over 65 years. Mahoney is committed to making our planet more livable through responsible recycling. At our facilities we are able to transform nearly 100% of the…

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Grease Goes Green

Grease Recycling Sign

Grease Goes Green  Grease disposal sounds like a dirty business. One time it was. But today it’s at the heart of a major green initiative by the foodservice industry. Used cooking oil is now processed for use in renewable fuels,…

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Come Visit Mahoney at IHFA’s Fall Convention

Come see Mahoney Environmental  at IHFA's fall convention in historic Washington D.C. starting Monday, October 8! The Independent Hardee's Franchisee Association's (IFHA) Fall Convention and Trade Show brings together vendors and suppliers as they exhibit their wares and talk shop…

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Mahoney is Part of Historic Opening

Preferred Oil and Mahoney Environmental are excited to be a part of a historical day for Shorewood, Illinois with the opening of Joliet's famed Chicken-N-Spice! Our team was their first customer of what turned out to be the first of…

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