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What is the Food Recovery Hierarchy?

What is the Food Recovery Hierarchy

Food production inevitably leads to food waste. A significant portion of food from restaurants and other food service establishments is wasted each year in the United States. Restaurants that follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Hierarchy help to prevent…

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Mahoney has a Storage Option to Fit Your Needs

For decades Mahoney has provided the most durable, easiest to use, most reliable oil waste management and recycling equipment in the foodservice industry. Mahoney provides the type of equipment most appropriate for your kitchen layout, type of operation, and your frying…

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Benefits of Responsible Recycling

Recycling for Generations Mahoney Environmental is committed to making the planet more livable through responsible recycling. 99% of what comes into our facilities is transformed into useful products that help the environment. By taking yellow grease and turning it into…

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Mahoney’s Fleet Takes Advantage of Biodiesel Benefits

Mahoney Environmental has long worked with the biodiesel industry. Now its own fleet is taking advantage of the fuel’s many benefits. Mahoney Environmental has a very good business reason to support biodiesel: It collects used cooking oil from restaurants and…

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Complete Guide for Cleaning Grease Traps in Commercial Kitchens

Need professional restaurant grease trap cleaning? Call Mahoney Environmental - we're available 24/7.Any restaurateur, coffeehouse manager, grocery store owner or supervisor of other commercial food establishment knows the grease trap must be cleaned. While lifting out the jumble of fats,…

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